Lord of the Rings Fans Have Legolas Trending After Galadriel's Fight Scenes in Latest Rings of Power Episode

The Rings of Power Episode 6 seems to be the one that has really struck a chord with Lord of the Rings fans – so much so that discussion of the episode and its big battle sequence has once again become of trending topic on social media. In this case, fans can't seem to get over the battle sequences with Rings of Power's central character, Galadriel (Morfydd Clark), who proved why she is the leader of the Elven Northern Armies.

 Unfortunately however, Galadriel having a standout moment in The Rings of Power has inevitably drawn out some trolls. It didn't take long for Galadriel's battle prowess to be criticized and compared to Legolas. That initial comparison sprialed into a whole thread of debate about how "realistic" or not any of the Elven superheroics are on the battlefield, or other baffling assessments like how "likable" each warrior is or isn't. 

A Twitter user named @TheStrxgglr got things started with this eloquent criticism of Galadriel stating that he "hates" the way she 'showboats' in battle, peforming feats like leaning over her horse to dodge arrows, or performing uncanny acrobatics while unleashing masterful sword strokes. Those action moments have been the highlight of The Rings of Power for many, but clearly not everyone is impressed. 

The ugly sentitment about Galadriel being a showboat was quickly and thoroughly ratio'd by the response from Twitter user @dragonevenstar, who countered that "Legolas did skateboard with a shield, jump on top of a horse in a very extra way and take down a giant elephant all by himself, without mention all the unrealistic ways that he fought the orcs on the hobbit trilogy, yet you all had a problem when Galadriel does this. Be serious".

@TheStrxgglr still had a rebuttal of his own, stating: 

"'But what about Lego-' Stop. The difference is that Legolas is actually a likeable person doing impossible feats but some of those feats needed others like defeating the troll or the multiple times he fought side by side with fellowship. He needed a team.

Galadriel in this show has been the opposite of that. She has been a insufferable a**hole who needs no one to cut down an ice troll as her team got tossed around. She believed she could of swim back to Middle Earth and survived pyroclastic flow head on. Her feats supersede his."

The Rings of Power seems to be a hit as a streaming TV series, but it has courted just as much hate as it has adoration. A lot of fans who swear by the written word of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit creator J.R.R. Tolkien has taken up the stance that Amazon Prime Video has bastardized the interpretation of that lore with The Rings of Power – and many of the series' modern choices in casting (more actors of color) or characterization (more prominent female leads) have been particularly targeted.


For his own part, Legolas actor Orlando Bloom has taken a very public stance in showing support for The Rings of Power and its vision of heroic Elves in the Second Age of Middle-earth. 

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power streams new episodes Fridays on Prime Video.