Lucifer Season 6 Poster Reminds Fans the End Is Near

The Lucifer Season 6 poster has been released by Netflix, touting the show's return on September 10th. The new Lucifer season 6 poster comes with the tagline that "All Bad Things Must Come To An End", which is only appropriate because this will be Lucifer's final season. The cheeky flip of the old phrase "All Good Things Must Come To An End" is classic Lucifer, and the poster may certainly suggest a lot about what the final larger story arc for Lucifer season 6 will be. Take a look at the official Lucifer season 6 poster below, and we'll break it down:

Lucifer Season 6 Poster Netflix
(Photo: Netflix )

The Lucifer season 5 finale saw Lucifer (Tom Ellis) beat his brother Michael and earn the job as God's replacement. Going into season 6 Lucifer will be omnipotent and all-powerful, but there are a lot of hints that all-powerful doesn't mean the same thing as happy.

Lucifer and Chloe (Lauren German) fully revealed their love for one another in the midst of the cataclysmic battle of last season, and in season 6 they will have to deal with the reality of having a relationship with each other, when things are peaceful and normal. To that end, the Lucifer season 6 first-look image hints that while Lucifer may try to use all his god-level power to try and impress Chloe, he'll have to learn more humble lessons about what love is, and what it requires.

Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have teased a tone for season 6 that will definitely balance big spectacle and real heart:

"Season 6, partly because of COVID, became a much more intimate season," Modrovich said. "But also because we knew we had done this kind of splashy Season 5B, with a lot of spectacle, we didn't want to try to top ourselves and just be empty action. So, we found a more intimate story for all of our characters and a much more emotional one. We didn't have to scrape to find stories for anybody. We just kind of dug to a deeper level with everybody."


The Lucifer season 6 poster puts Lucifer in the clear seat of power that comes with his godhood - but none of the characters in his supporting cast look particularly happy with the situation the universe is now in. Chloe's position at the back of Lucifer's chair once again hints that their connection, and Lucifer's status as God, could end up being the real central conflict (and ultimate resolution) of Lucifer's story.

Lucifer Season 6 premieres on Netflix on September 10th.