Lucifer Tops Nielsen's Streaming Ratings, Ahead of Umbrella Academy and The Office

For the first time since it came out, the latest season of The Umbrella Academy isn't the most-watched show on streaming, according to Nielsen numbers released today. Instead, it has been unseated by the new (half-) season of Lucifer, with The Legend of Korra also jumping up the list from #8 to #2. These numbers are time-delayed, making them the count for the week of August 17, when the new season of Lucifer hit, although the trend may hold up, considering that Lucifer was last year's most-watched original series on streaming. The series is headed back into production to finish the final episode of season five, followed by a sixth-and-final season.

Variety has a breakdown of the numbers, which saw Umbrella Academy slip to third place (perhaps they share enough of an audience with Lucifer that some people were simply trading off what they were watching), The Office in fourth place, and Shameless in fifth. The top ten has only a single feature film: Jamie Foxx's Project Power.

Of course, the ends of the Marvel/Netflix and Lucifer won't leave Netflix without comics adaptations. In addition to The Umbrella Academy and various Mark Millar adaptations, Netflix is planning a return to the world of DC/Vertigo with The Sandman. No word yet on whether Lucifer star Tom Ellis might reprise his role as Lucifer Morningstar in that series.

In December, Fatman Beyond host Marc Bernardin took to social media to pitch Warner Bros. on a miniseries teaming Lucifer with John Constantine (Matt Ryan) -- and both Ryan and Lucifer executive producer Joe Henderson are up for it. The pair shared a scene in "Crisis," in which it was implied that there was some complicated backstory that involved Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and was maybe a little contentious. Bernardin's pitch would be a road trip story, taking the pair from coast to coast.


There's no word yet on whether Lucifer might have another scene when "Crisis on Infinite Earths" comes back to finish its five-episode run on January 14. That said, a crossover like this one might be a good post-script to "Crisis," given that the Arrowverse producers have to be wondering how to even attempt a follow-up to such a huge event.

You can binge the first four-and-a-half seasons of Lucifer on Netflix now. Expect news on the sixth and final season to come later this year, once the second half of season five is ready to roll.