Mayans M.C. Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: "A Crow Flew By"

The fourth episode of Mayans M.C. Season 4, "A Crow Flew By," picks up exactly where the third episode left off: Angel, EZ, and Manny stand over the dying Randall, a man they were supposed to be smuggling into Mexico. Angel shot him when he discovered Randall was abusing his son in the middle of the night. The boy quickly reveals that Randall lied about being his dad, that he was just a "friend" who promised that they were going on an adventure. Manny shoots Randall once more, finishing what Angel started, and tells the other to leave him for the coyotes.

The next scene shows a man with shaggy hair and a long beard laying down stones to build a wall. Lo and behold, the man is none other than Miguel Galindo, appearing for the very first time in Season 4. A lot has changed since we last saw him. We don't get to learn more just yet, however, because the credits come smashing in.

After the credits, we get a glimpse of Coco promising to pick his girlfriend up from work later (a scene that seems a tad bit foreboding), she claims that she's scared to walk home alone at night. We quickly get back to Miguel and his stones. He's being watched by a young boy, and the two have a conversation about why he's "building a wall for the dead."

At the clubhouse in Santo Padre, the three Mayans from the desert job are being asked about the murder of Randall. EZ takes responsibility and Canche tries to reprimand them, but Alvarez backs them up, telling them they made the right decision. The Mayans don't work with or for those kind of men. Canche says that the move may have killed the pipeline, as well as the club. After the meeting, Alvarez causes a stir amongst the Santo Padre brothers when he reveals that Nestor, the former enforcer for Galindo, was going to be his new Prospect. If you recall, Nestor and the club have had more than a couple of run-ins over the years. Canche tells Many to pack up and head back to Yuma, it's clear he doesn't like how well Manny has gotten along with EZ and the other members of Santo Padre. The younger generation is trying to follow Alvarez's lead and become one club, but that's never going to happen with guys like Canche and Bishop in positions of power.

Alvarez has been watching Coco and knows there's something going on with him. The two have a meeting and El Padrino sends Coco up to Oakland to help bridge the gap between Santo Padre and the other charters. EZ tries to patch things up with Canche but that's just not going to happen. Canche lets the new VP know that he sees him as "nothing more than a walking dead man" for what happened to his son. Alvarez pulls EZ aside after the confrontation to give him some information about the history of the club, so EZ can understand why he's fighting so hard for an idealistic future. We have an official mention of Jax Teller on Mayans, as Alvarez brings up his late friend, sharing with EZ his old quote, "Forget the past, and you're doomed to repeat it." In a very Jax Teller parallel, EZ now has a book of old information and letters about the origin of the club to read through.

Jess, the bartender who found the SOA kutte in the canister outside of the Mayans compound, is spying on the club for the Sons. She's terrified but sharing information with the SOA VP. EZ tries to talk things through with a drunken Bishop but he's not having it. Fortunately for EZ, he's not in the mood either. The new VP stuns his predecessor with a right hook and tells him to learn some respect. Meanwhile, Felipe receives a postcard from EZ's ex-girlfriend, Gaby, letting him know that she's doing well in her internship.

Bishop is revealed to be taking refuge, and building walls, at a church. The nuns encourage him to try and make peace with God, and to leave the young boy Tomas alone. Back in Santo Padre, EZ is disappointed to see that his father is closing up his meat shop downtown. He sees the postcard from Gaby and leaves before his father has a chance to talk to him. Creeper and the woman from his recovery meetings have lunch and share stories about their life. We've seen nothing but pain for Creeper over the years, so this is a nice development for the guy.

Gilly pulls up at a random house and knocks on the door, only to be met by a new character being played by none other than All Elite Wrestling star CM Punk. Gilly and this guy are friends from the military, and he's having a birthday party for his son. Gilly gets the opportunity to spend some time with his former unit and, despite how much they talk about how long it's been since he's been around, it's like no time has passed.

Things start picking up quickly. Canche tries to inform the cartel of what went down in the desert but his words fall on deaf ears. A couple of trucks filled with armed men show up to Miguel's church looking for someone named Martin, who apparently crossed the gang. The leader tells the nuns that he'll be back, because he knows the man "and his boy" are hiding out there.

After a commercial break, EZ and Angel have one of their regular sit-downs outside the clubhouse. Angel admits that he's trying not to be home too much because if he's not there, he can't mess up. EZ tells him that the biggest way he can mess up is by not being there at all. Their relationship has grown so much over the course of four years, and it continues to be one of the linchpins of the series.

Gilly's friend's wife, the captain of their old unit, checks in on him before he leaves the party. There's trauma from their past and she tells him that it's not his fault, but it's striking a deep chord with him. Paul (CM Punk) gets into an argument with another neighborhood dad outside at the party and Gilly rushes out to get between them, helping his friend calm down. Everything is going fine and resolved until the man tries to tell Paul "no hard feelings," which earns him a punch in the face. Meanwhile, Bishop's spiral continues, as the bartender he's been drinking and flirting with all night brings out some coke for them to do together. Unsurprisingly, Coco's girlfriend finishes her shift at work and he's not there to pick her up, like he'd promised.

Felipe is waiting for Angel back at his house and they sit down at the table to share some cake. There's not much to say between them but the scene is a nice parallel to EZ's comments about a father being there. When Gilly gets back to the clubhouse, he finds Bishop and the bartender trying to have sex, but things aren't going well. At the Alvarez home, Marcus is having trouble figuring out how to work the on-demand TV with the kids. EZ shows up and asks to talk, telling Alvarez that he read the original by-laws. A president can be removed by a unanimous vote from the club members, and the hopes that Bishop and Canche can be voted out and protect the future of the club.

The president and VP of the San Bernardino SOA chapter meet up in a remote location. The president tells the VP that Chibs gave him the green light to attack the Mayans while he has the opportunity, though he's clearly not happy about it.


With that, the episode ends, teasing a bloody battle ahead.