This Mojo Jojo Cosplay Is Actual 'Powerpuff Girls' Goals

A cosplayer made every Powerpuff Girls fan's dreams — or nightmares — come true this week with a spot-on Mojo Jojo cosplay.

The self-repeating villain showed up at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia this week, and turned a lot of heads. The cosplayer was apparently graphic artist Shawn McBee, who has been behind some on-screen graphic art for shows like Preacher and The Walking Dead. McBee pulled out all the stops, with a Planet of The Apes-style mask painted green and menacing colored contact lenses.

McBee wore a kind of partial sandwich board on his shoulders, mimicking Mojo Jojo's wide cape. He was clad in fur and plastic armor, with angular fabric making up the monkey's iconic outfit. Perhaps the most pitch-perfect part was his helmet, which towered over his head and glowed with purple lights, just like the original cartoon. It would not have been surprising at all if McBee had revealed a enlarged bare brain underneath the helmet.

"I really hope my Mojo Jojo does @rljtoday proud," McBee tweeted, tagging Roger L. Jackson, the voice actor behind Mojo Jojo.

The cosplay got a lot of shout-outs on Twitter, including one from Tara Strong. The voice actress, who portrayed Bubbles in the cartoon, posed with McBee, pretending to choke him — a feat her character never had enough fingers to pull off.

The attention was a real achievement at Dragon Con, where the cosplay competition is generally at its peak. The convention is known for its particular focus on cosplay and fandom, and some of the most intricate costumes of the year are generally featured there.

McBee's outfit even made it over to Reddit, where users applauded his attention to detail.

"Did anyone check to make sure this was actually a cosplay? If not, call the mayor of Townsville," one commenter joked.

The Powerpuff Girls returned to the airwaves in 2016 with a series reboot on Cartoon Network. The show has already run for three seasons, with more total episodes than the 1990s original. It has also crossed over with other Cartoon Network shows, such as Teen Titans Go! However, it has gotten mixed reviews from long-time fans, who feel that it does not live up to their nostalgia.

This could be due in part to the absence of Craig McCracken, the Powerpuff Girls' original creator. He developed the show as a college student and sold it Cartoon Network not long after, but when the reboot came around, his contract at Disney prevented him from coming back. McCracken created Wander Over Yonder for the Disney Channel, which concluded shortly after Powerpuff Girls began.