'Nancy Drew' Series In Development At The CW

Nancy Drew has come close to getting a TV series several times, but the third time could be the charm thanks to the CW.

The CW has started development on a Nancy Drew televisions series based on the classic mystery novels, a series being developed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for Fake Empire and CBS TV Studios (via Deadline).

The newest take on Nancy Drew will be written by The Magicians' Noga Landau, who also wrote Tau for Netflix. As for Schwartz and Savage, the team is also responsible for the Marvel Hulu hit Runaways, and seem to be a perfect pairing for this take on Nancy Drew.

CW's new series will focus on an 18-year-old Nancy Drew right after graduating high school. Drew is planning on leaving her hometown to head onto college, but those plans are delayed when a family tragedy occurs. Now she finds herself in the middle of a ghostly murder investigation, and she will also discover a few big secrets about her hometown along the way.

CW's Nancy Drew will hearken much closer to the original novels, which also took place after Drew completed High School. CBS TV has attempted to bring the character into television twice in previous years, but neither one got past the pilot phase. The first was Drew, which would have debuted on CBS and starred Sarah Shahi. The second on was Nancy Drew, which would have been on NBC, and both series focused on an older Nancy Drew.

Schwartz and Savage have a great track record with the CW, as they are also responsible for CW's Dynasty reboot and the hit series Gossip Girl. Now let's hope they can work their magic on the beloved mystery solver.

The character of Nancy Drew has been around for quite some time, debuting in the 1930s. The credited author on the novels is Carolyn Keene, but that was actually just a pen name that covered a host of writers. Since then Drew has made it onto the big screen with a 2007 adaptation starring Emma Roberts, and there is a new movie in production from Warner Bros starring Sophia Lillis.


The character also stars in her own comic series from Dynamite, and you can check out our full review of the issue here.

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