Netflix Original Series Is Being Added to Another Streaming Service

In a surprising move, a Netflix original series is about to be added to the roster of a rival streaming service. Netflix originals are meant to be exclusive to Netflix, bolstering the streamer's roster in a crowded entertainment landscape. That goes for shows that were Netflix originals from the day they premiered, as well as titles that began elsewhere and became Netflix originals down the road. Longmire, which falls into the latter category, is about to make a move to Peacock.

Despite being a Netflix original, all six seasons of Longmire are being added to Peacock's streaming catalogue on November 17th, per the streamer's monthly newsletter. This is significant news, as Netflix properties rarely appear anywhere else. Netflix has even done away with physical copies of its TV shows for the most part. It's rare to find anything made by Netflix anywhere other than exclusively on Netflix.

If you're a Netflix subscriber and a big fan of Longmire, there's no need to worry about this move. Longmire doesn't appear to be leaving Netflix for Peacock, it's simply getting added to a second service. 

The Peacock availability probably has something to do with Longmire's original TV run. The series was on the A&E cable network for its first three years. After that run, Netflix acquired the rights to continue making more seasons. It lasted an additional three seasons after the move to Netflix. Seeing those first three Longmire seasons on another service wouldn't be so surprising, since they were released initially on A&E, but Peacock is apparently getting all six installments, so that will include seasons released exclusively by Netflix.

Longmire was one of the first notable shows to be "saved" by Netflix after an initial run on traditional TV. There have been a few others over the years, though perhaps the two most successful titles to move to the streamer just recently released new seasons. Lucifer has spent three years as a juggernaut for Netflix after it moved over from Fox. You has been the most popular show on the streamer over the past couple weeks since it released its third season, though its initial installment aired on Lifetime. 

Cobra Kai, the sequel series to The Karate Kid, is the rare show that moved from streamer to streamer, as it began its life as a YouTube original and was purchased by Netflix after two seasons. The latest Netflix reclamation project comes in the form of Manifest, which was cancelled by NBC after three seasons. Netflix has ordered a 20-episode final season of the mystery series that will help wrap up the storyline.