New 'Mayans MC' Behind-the-Scenes Photo Shows Bikers on Break

With the series premiere of Mayans MC just over a month away, fans are getting more glimpses into [...]

With the series premiere of Mayans MC just over a month away, fans are getting more glimpses into the Sons of Anarchy spinoff. In the newest behind-the-scenes look, actors J.D. Pardo and Richard Cabral take a break while the cameras aren't rolling.

The show's official Twitter account shared the photo of the two actors, who play Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes and Johnny "Coco" Cruz, respectively, sitting on a curb together.

"That feeling you get when you remember Mayans M.C. is coming this fall," the show wrote, adding the hashtags #MayansFX and #BehindTheScenes.

Tuesday's photo was just one of the many behind-the-scenes glimpses the show has offered in recent weeks. In another, a clip features cast member Raoul Max Trujillo "training with a mace" for his character "because I realize they're kind of close to the Mayan war clubs." After swiping the large weighted staff around for a while, Trujillo, who plays Mayanc MC Vice Presidente Che "Taza" Romero breaths heavy and says, "You get a workout."

Last week, the official trailer for season 1 was released, revealing more about EZ's promising life before prison — and the danger that accompanies his life with the Mayans after his release.

"You're in this now, son," says EZ's father, Felipe, played by Edward James Olmos. "There's no getting out."

Fans also got a glimpse of other characters, like EZ's brother Angel, played by Clayton Cardenas, and Mayans MC President Marcus Alvarez, played by Emilio Rivera.

The series will pick up about two-and-a-half years following the events of the Sons of Anarchy series finale. While the SOA spinoff is set in the same world as SOA, creator of both shows, Kurt Sutter, assured fans that Mayans MC will take on a different approach to storytelling than its predecessor.

"It was more an emotional crisis for Jax than a circumstantial crisis, but my challenge in all this was first of all, how do I differentiate this from Sons, and yet have it be familiar enough," Sutter told Deadline. "How do I transition from one mythology into the next without it feeling derivative."

"I liked the idea of it being a prospect and having it be almost that Tony Montana thing of starting out at the bottom and then watching the rise," he added. "Whereas Jax began as a prince, right, and it became about him taking the throne."

And although Mayans will have a different feel than SOA, Sutter said that he's maintained a "loose" understanding of what he "wanted the show to be."

"A prospect, a guy that was not from the world. No legacy like there was with Jax. EZ was supposed to have a completely different life," Sutter added. "He was like the golden boy and that gotten taken away from him."

Mayans MC premieres Tuesday, Sept. 4 on FX.