Popular House of the Dragon Character Finally Returns in Season Finale

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the House of the Dragon Season 1 finale... House of the Dragon fans haven't seen Corlys Velaryon for a couple of weeks now, and the events of the series had many characters believing he may be dying. After suffering a wound while battling in the Stepstones, Corlys took some time to heal up. Fortunately, he isn't dead, and it doesn't look like he's going to be exiting House of the Dragon's story any time soon.

Corlys finally made his way back to House of the Dragon during the Season 1 finale on Sunday night. While he has only been out of action for two episodes, he has missed quite a lot, including a new King being crowned in Westeros. Perhaps surprisingly, Corlys makes the choice to stand with Rhaenyra and Daemon, taking the side of the Blacks in the Dance of the Dragons.

(Photo: HBO)

Where Has Corlys Been?

The eighth and ninth episodes of House of the Dragon have taken place almost entirely in King's Landing, but we know that Corlys hasn't been spending that time at home on Driftmark, either. Episode 8 was all about who would succeed Corlys as the Lord of Driftmark, should he die from his injuries. That episode begins on Driftmark, with Rhaenys saying that she hadn't seen him in six years.

So Corlys was away from home for quite a while. He was involved in some kind of battle in the Stepstones, a place where many believed the issues had already been resolved after Daemon's war with the Crabfeeder. The series hasn't addressed exactly what has been going on in the Stepstones, other than that there has been a return to power for the Triarchy, which could allude to bigger issues.

For now, it seems that Corlys has much bigger issues to worry about. His family is tied up in a war for the Iron Throne, and he has taken a clear side in the conflict. Even though both sides have dragons at their disposal, Rhaenyra likely has some advantage to getting Corlys in her corner. The Lord of Driftmark is in charge of the biggest naval fleet in the realm.

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