'Riverdale' Star Addresses The Coopers' Insane SPOILER

The latest episode of Riverdale began right where last week's cliffhanger left off — with Betty watching her mother attempt to clean up a pile of blood and a dead body. As Chic sat in a corner distraught, the Cooper women pulled it together to protect their own.

But Alice Cooper was surprisingly calm about hiding a murder, and she knew exactly what to do to get rid of any traces of the dead man that was killed in their kitchen. Riverdale star Mädchen Amick spoke with ComicBook.com about this shocking scene, teasing why Alice might have these kinds of skills.

"I was pleasantly surprised [when I read the script]. It sounded fun," said Amick. "No, it was fun and I just think the thing that really surprised me the most is of course having a dead body on the floor and cleaning up blood is shocking just by itself but Alice Cooper's reaction is 'Did you lock the front door?' So casual and the complete and total chaos of how she handles this new crisis. I think this shows Alice's character quite a bit with her reacting to this."

When asked if Alice's time as a member of the Southside Serpents might have prepared her for such an event, Amick played coy.

"She certainly seems to be quite comfortable and already have a lot of plans in place to get rid of dead bodies so it makes me feel like Alice Cooper's got some interesting skeletons in her closet," Amick said, before joking that Alice's meticulous nature and frustration of being married to Hal for years has hardened her.

"It's her exit plan for any scenario. Just any dead body, she already has it planned out," Amick added with a laugh.

The end of the episode saw the Coopers form a union of sorts with FP and Jughead Jones, who helped them cover their tracks after getting rid of the body. Amick teased that Alice and FP's relationship would continue to be explored in the coming episodes, saying "We've got some good stuff we get into later."


"I'm excited to see Alice Cooper's past and her Serpent roots and so with that comes quite a complicated relationship with FP and Jughead. We've had some layers of that already that will be in upcoming episodes, which has been really fun to explore and play."

Riverdale airs Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.