'Riverdale' Fan Theory Suggests SPOILER is the Gargoyle King

If you're a Riverdale fan, you know that each season is ripe with mysteries that typically end with one of our favorite teen's parents being revealed as a murderer.

Since none of the adults in Riverdale can be trusted, it's no surprise one redditor suspects a parent as the newest in a long line of town threats, the Gargoyle King. If you're not caught up or don't want any theoretical spoilers, now is the time to stop reading...

What we know of the terrifying creature roaming the woods is that it stems from a D&D-style game called Griffins and Gargoyles, which has already led to some deaths. (RIP Dilton Doiley!)

The number one suspect, according to Theynotsmarterthanus, is none other than Veronica's mother, Hermione Lodge (Marisol Nichols). The redditor provides a list of clues, starting with the fact that she's the one who decides to break into the teacher's desk in the flashback episode, which led to the parents' obsession with the game.

Another good point is the fact that Hermione uses her mayoral powers to ban G&G, "which only makes it more desirable and generates peak curiosity by the student body of Riverdale."

The redditor also believes that Hermione is trying to get Archie out of the way, stating previously that her daughter and husband's "obsession with Archie Andrews is destroying the family."

Hermione has also been involved with many shady dealings in the past, all with the help of "allies," who tend to do her dirty work. This leads our Reddit sleuth to believe the creature we've been seeing is just a henchman. (Hermione certainly doesn't seem the type to get in a gruesome costume and parade through the woods.)

While some agree with the theory, others believe this is all a red herring. The question still remains how The Farm, the suspicious cult-like organization that has captured the attention of the Coppers, plays into all this, especially after Betty appeared to witness some sort of ritual involving Polly's babies.

The redditor also theorizes that The Farm could end up being a source for good, although, it's certainly rare for a cult to be revealed as not evil.

Another commenter points out that we've had enough of the parents-are-bad reveal, but some of us think it would be pretty amusing if every season just knocked off a parent, one-by-one, until even good-natured Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) is revealed to be some kind of axe-wielding maniac.

No matter who is revealed to be the Gargoyle King, this season has already provided us with tons of quality content. And who knows? Maybe the supernatural elements happening over in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Greendale is seeping into Riverdale, and that giant creature is in fact real.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays on The CW at 8/7c.