Riverdale Recap: Everything You Missed in "Band of Brothers"

If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Riverdale's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Chapter Ninety-Two: Band of Brothers." Obviously, spoilers for Season 5, Episode 15 of Riverdale, "Chapter Ninety-Two: Band of Brothers", below! Only look if you want to know!


Archie continues to be haunted by the visions of his dead platoon members. Archie then discovers that General Taylor is being given military honors upon his retirement, despite the allegations of misconduct and dirty missions. Archie later recounts what had happened under Taylor's rule, and that the mission that killed his entire platoon was a cover to take down a warlord. Archie confronts Taylor and asks him to retire quietly, and when he's met with resistance, they both threaten to hold a military tribunal. Archie talks to the family of the men in his platoon, and they largely agree to let him go forward with testifying. Eric also agrees to testify, after sharing his story of being manipulated by the general. The trial proves that Eric was innocent and Taylor was corrupt, 

Chad calls Veronica and offers a way to pay off their debts, but she rejects it. Veronica gets a call from the SEC about her books being investigated, and realizes that Chad orchestrated it all. Veronica suggests they go to Hiram for a loan on his palladium, and Reggie reaches out to Hermosa, who he'd previously had a relationship with while Veronica was at college, and she reveals the palladium's location — in a model of SoDale in Hiram's office. Veronica enlists Cheryl's help in creating a fake trail for the palladium, which she'll sell at an auction. The palladium sells for $300,000, and Hiram crashes the auction and tries to outbid, but to no avail. Chad reveals he's investing in a new helicopter company and coming to Riverdale for an event, which Veronica crashes and showers with drugs and alcohol, while leaking the story about Chad covering up his and Veronica's helicopter crash, which leads to the stock tumbling. Veronica also tells Hiram that his palladium stash was stolen.

During a ministry service, Penelope bans Cheryl and Kevin from singing. This upsets Cheryl, and Kevin suggests that they try to upstage Penelope by having Cheryl publicly perform three miracles and qualify for sainthood. At the next services, Cheryl makes the congregation believe she can turn water into maple syrup, and that her hands randomly became bloodied just like Jason's wounds. Cheryl's third miracle involves taming bees, which eventually scares off Penelope. Cheryl later reveals to Kevin that she didn't fake the bee taming, and that she might have some sort of mystical power.

Jughead goes to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which inspire him to go on an "apology tour." This includes him apologizing to Weatherbee for missing weeks of work, and he ends up being put on administrative leave. Sam also calls Jughead and tells him to turn in pages for his next novel, otherwise he'll get blacklisted from the publishing agency. Jughead apologizes to Tabitha, and Tabitha reveals that Jughead's manuscript ended up with Jessica. Jughead remembers Cora, the girl who had given him her manuscript after they slept together, and he decides to submit it as his own. Jughead then meets up with Betty — who has been working the Lonely Highway to find Polly's killer. He apologies for the voicemail he left years ago, and Betty admits that she might be addicted to hunting serial killers. Jughead then gets a call from Sam, where he admits that he'd passed Cora's manuscript off as his own, which leads to him being dropped as a client. Jughead tells Tabitha that he's worried about what's happening with Betty, and she tells Betty that she's going to go along the Lonely Highway with her.



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