'Riverdale' Recap With Spoilers: "The Stranger"

The episode opens with Archie and Vegas walking through a forest into Riverdale. As Jughead’s [...]

The episode opens with Archie and Vegas walking through a forest into Riverdale. As Jughead's narration explains, Archie "died" — at least, the Archie that his friends and family knew.

Archie arrives home and reunites with Fred. He winces from his wounds. As he and Fred eat breakfast, he explains that he has no memory of being saved by the rangers, and that he knew after that that he needed to come back home. Fred asks about Hiram, but Archie says the bear attack has made him not afraid of him anymore. Fred asks about Veronica, but Archie hesitates.

Archie visits Veronica in the speakeasy, and they hug. She begins to ask about the time he spent away. Archie apologizes for the way that he left, and Veronica says that she's happy he's home. They begin to make out.

Archie meets with the Core Four at Pop's. Betty and Jughead question all of Archie's changes, but Veronica defends him. Betty, Veronica, and Jughead fill Archie in on what's happened while he was away. Jughead reveals that Fangs has infiltrated the Gargoyle Gang. Betty then mentions that the SATs are that weekend, which makes Archie nervous. Pop tells Betty that her debit card has been declined.

Betty confronts Alice about all of the family's bank accounts - including her college fund - being drained. Alice reveals that the money went to The Farm, as a way to support the kids Betty freed from the asylum. Betty gets upset, but Alice argues that it's further incentive to join The Farm.

Fred and FP meet with Hiram, revealing that Archie has returned. Fred threatens to kill Hiram if he ever tries to hurt Archie.

Archie meets with Weatherbee, who recommends that Archie repeat his junior year because of everything that's happened.

Reggie tries to kiss Veronica in the hallways, but she reveals that their relationship is over now that Archie is back. Reggie asks how Archie is, and Veronica has an idea of how to help the group destress.

Betty meets with Sierra, asking how Alice is even able to transfer all of her funds. Sierra claims that Hal also signed the paperwork, but Betty can clearly see that its forged. Sierra says that Betty needs to visit Hal in order to prove that.

Penelope, Claudius, and Hiram talk about the Sisters of Quiet Mercy estate being up for sale. Hiram says that he has plans for the building. He then says that the town needs a new Sheriff, and nominates Claudius for the job. Claudis starts to refuse, but Hiram says he can't.

Betty and Jughead try to help Archie study for the SATs, but he fails. Archie wonders if he's even worth all of this trouble, but Betty reassures him.

Jughead meets with Fangs, who reveals that he's gotten in the good graces of the Gargoyle Gang.

Betty helps Archie dye his hair red again, before bringing him to the speakeasy for a surprise party. Veronica begins to sing for Archie, but he gets PTSD of when he "killed" the other part of himself, and leaves in a rush.

Betty visits Hal in prison. He confirms that the signature on the bank forms isn't his, and also reveals that he's a fan of the Gargoyle King. He offers to help Betty catch him, offering to sign the affidavit as long as she brings him a G&G manual.

Reggie questions Veronica about the changes Archie has gone through, and whether or not Veronica will stay with Archie.

In the locker room, Reggie confronts Archie about leaving the speakeasy, but stops when he notices Archie's bear scars.

Hiram tells Hermione that he's buying the asylum for them to move into. He then asks her to appoint Claudius as mayor, but she refuses.

Betty brings Hal a G&G manual. He signs the affidavit and gives it back to her. Hal then brings up the Midnight Club's Ascension Night, and reveals that he was the one who orchestrated the whole event and ultimately poisoned Featherhead. He says that he wanted to kill as many members of the Midnight Club as possible, because they were sinners.

As Betty signs out of the prison, the guard reveals that Alice has been visiting Hal once a week.

Fred walks in on Archie trying to go through his possessions, and Archie complains that he's not used to his life being back home yet.

Fangs joins a meeting of the Gargoyle Gang in the woods, where they attempt to brand him. The Serpents crash the party, and they unmask the Gargoyle King, revealing that it's Tall Boy.

The Serpents interrogate Tall Boy, who admits to attacking the Coopers and to killing Joaquin. Jughead asks Tall Boy to help them get closer to Hiram, and he says he can't unless he offers something Hiram wants.

Alice gets dressed up for a job interview with the local news. Betty confronts Alice about what Hal told her, and Alice reveals that she's never told Hal about G&G, and she hasn't visited him in months. Betty suggests that someone else named Alice Cooper is visiting Hal in prison.

Archie finds Reggie in the student lounge, and asks for help with "cheating". Reggie begins to fess up about him and Veronica, but quickly realizes that Archie was talking about the SATs.

Jughead tells Archie about Tall Boy being the Gargoyle King. He suggests that they offer Archie up as bait to Hiram, and he agrees.

The Serpents have Tall Boy call Hiram, revealing that he has Archie. They agree to meet up.

Betty calls the prison, asking for the guard to describe what the Alice who has been visiting the prison looks like. Betty realizes that Penelope has been impersonating Alice to hook up with Hal in prison. She meets with Penelope, who admits as much.

Betty confronts Hal about him lying about Ascension Night. He explains that he did it only to keep Betty interested in visiting him.

The Serpents arrive at the meeting with Hiram, but find Claudius in his place. FP decides to make a citizens arrest Claudius.

Veronica meets with Archie, and explains why she'd been with Reggie after they broke up. Archie asks Veronica to stay with him, and for them to continue that conversation tomorrow. They begin to kiss and take off their clothes.

The SATs take place. Archie struggles through the math portion, ultimately breaking his pencil. He gets up and leaves, and Veronica starts to follow after him. She is told that if she leaves, she'll fail the test, so she stays behind.

Archie freak out in the bathroom, realizing that he's still haunted by Hiram. He punches the bathroom mirror.

Hiram talks to Hermione about his plan with Claudius and the Serpents, only for him to get shot.

Alice holds a gathering with the Farm, to celebrate her getting the job with the local news. Evelyn also announces that the Farm bought the asylum, and is using it as their new headquarters.

Archie visits Veronica in the hospital, where Hiram is recovering from surgery. Veronica reveals that Hiram was shot shortly after Archie left the SATs, but Archie denies it. He then questions whether or not they should be together, if she even thinks he'd be capable of that.

Jughead arrives in the bunker, where Fangs and Sweet Pea are panicking over a severely-injured Tall Boy. Jughead suggests that they cover it up by throwing a party.

Archie tells Fred about what happened that day, and argues that he doesn't know how to get back to a normal life after this.

Claudius Blossom is found in jail, seemingly dead.

FP meets with Hermione, who reveals that "it's time" for something to happen.

Betty meets with Hal, complaining about Alice giving away her college money. Hal says that Betty will be okay, because she's smart enough to court a ton of scholarships.

Reggie visits Veronica at Hiram's hospital room.

Jughead throws the Serpent party, and says that if anyone asks, Tall Boy was exiled by him. He addresses the Serpents, telling them everything there is to celebrate about. Suddenly, the police show up. The new sheriff, FP, walks out.

Archie opens up a bottle of alcohol hidden in his drawer and drinks from it. He punches a punching bag in his room. Fred notices that Archie's room basically looks like a prison cell, but Archie doesn't see any problem with it.