Riverdale Recap With Spoilers: Love, Murder, and Tickling in "Lynchian"

Riverdale is gearing up for the end of Season 4 -- and its leaving a lot on the field in the process. Season 4 will be coming to a close earlier than initially planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with next week's "Killing Mr. Honey" being the new season finale. With that in mind, fans are certainly eager to see what note the series leaves things on until (hopefully) the fall -- and we got an indication of that in tonight's episode. Here's what you need to know about this week's episode, "Chapter Seventy-Five: Lynchian". Obviously, spoilers for the episode lurk below! Only look if you want to know!


Jughead plays the snuff film for Alice, Betty, and Charles, but Betty refuses to get involved with the mystery. Charles asks Jughead to help investigate, and he begins to look over security footage of the tape being dropped off. This leads Jughead to question Ethel, who denies that she was involved with making the tape. Jughead and Charles wonder if the person who made the video is a filmmaker, and they visit a video store that has record of Ethel renting Friday the 13th multiple times. Jughead still refuses to believe that it's Ethel. The next day, he asks if Ethel is involved with the school AV Club, and reveals that Charles asked the same question earlier. Charles reveals that they found a tape in Ethel's house -- Betty and Jughead's sex tape from Stonewall. Ethel reveals that there's a secret room in the video store that houses snuff films. Charles and the FBI raid the video store, and they find a videotape of Jason's murder. Later, Mr. Honey visits the video store, where he's sad about the snuff films getting raided by the FBI. Meanwhile, Jughead tells Betty about their sex tape being in the video store, just as they receive a call from Cheryl about another tape. The tape is of people wearing masks recreating Jason Blossom's murder.

Archie plays his guitar and thinks back to his and Betty's kiss. Betty reads her old diary, which recounts the first day that she met Archie. Alice arrives in her room, and gets emotional about Betty going to Yale. Archie and Betty meet in the bunker and lay down next to each other, and they admit that being together is nice, even as they love Jughead and Veronica. Archie visits Fred's grave and asks for advice on Betty and Veronica. Meanwhile, Betty reads another one of her diaries, recounting when Archie "proposed" to her when they were kids, and she asked him to do it again when they're in high school. Betty gets called to the principal's office by Mr. Honey, who reminds her that she's on yearbook duty. Later, Archie offers to help Betty with the yearbook, and they reveal that they can't stop thinking about each other, and agree to meet the next night. Cheryl meets with Betty about the yearbook, but manages to swipe her diary and read a passage of her being in love with Archie. Cheryl argues that Betty was only in love with the idea of Archie, and she shouldn't ignore what she has with Jughead. Betty and Archie meet in the bunker, and Archie plays a song that he wrote for her. Betty cuts him off, and they agree to stop their relationship for fear of hurting Jughead and Veronica. Archie continues to practice the song, and also admits to Mary that he's willing to join the naval academy. Meanwhile, Betty burns her diaries, but reluctantly agrees to keep one of them.

Hiram celebrates a major business deal, which will allow him to sell his rum in Elio's family's casinos. Veronica doesn't get phased and reveals that she and Cheryl's business is targeting college kids. Later, Veronica and Cheryl get visited by the Malloy family, a group of men (who Cheryl remarks are like "the cast of Swamp Thing") who also run a maple alcohol business. Veronica assumes they're working for Hiram, and tells them to leave. The Malloys raid the Maple Club in the middle of the night, and Veronica vows to get revenge. She confronts Hiram about it, but he denies he had anything to do with it -- and offers to help. Hiram confronts one of the Malloys, but gets beaten up in the process. Veronica comes home to find Hiram bleeding, and comforts him. Cheryl reveals that she wants out of the maple rum business, and Veronica reluctantly agrees. Veronica goes to Hiram to ask for help in buying Cheryl out of the business, and says she's proud of him for not being truly evil again. We then see him confront another one of the Malloys, and kill him in cold blood.

Reggie asks Kevin and Fangs if he can join in on the tickle operation. They get paid, and Reggie immediately suggests that they break off and start their own website. Kevin decides to break things off with the tickle leader, Terry, while Reggie tries to recruit more students. This includes asking Toni, who agrees to let the Vixens tickle the Bulldogs. Terry and his guys confront Kevin and ask for a 40% cut of the profits, otherwise they're going to break all of his fingers. Kevin tells Reggie that they need to give Terry a cut, but he refuses to back down. Kevin, Reggie, Fangs, and Toni are sent to Mr. Honey's office, because he got an anonymous call about the tickling ring. Kevin admits to the videos, but Honey orders for the website to be taken down, as the students in the videos are wearing Riverdale High athletic gear. Kevin and Fangs talk about their future after high school, and Fangs reveals that he got accepted to a college that's close to Kevin's. They consider the possibility of dating in college.



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