Saturday Night Live Reveals the Big Secret Behind The Fly's Appearance at the VP Debate

Saturday Night Live revealed the secret behind the fly's appearance at the Vice Presidental debate! During the recent debate between Vice Presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, one of the things people could not stop talking about was how a fly remained on Vice President Mike Pence's head for quite a long time. Naturally with such a viral moment from the debate, Saturday Night Live revealed their take on it goes far weirder than anyone probably would have expected. Because as they reveal, the hilarious "secret" was that Jim Carrey's Joe Biden had actually transformed into the fly.

For the opening sketch of Saturday Night Live, Jim Carrey's Joe Biden returned and revealed that he wanted to help Kamala Harris in the debate. Rushing things along, he enters a chamber before they finished testing on it and soon reveals that he's entering the exact same chamber that Jeff Goldblum had entered into during The Fly.

Upon going through the machine, a tiny, fly sized Joe Biden lands on Mike Pence's head and eventually starts morphing into Jeff Goldlum himself due to a blend of DNA still in the machine. And as you would think, this goes to a whole new level of wacky as Jim Carrey's Joe Biden begins morphing even further.

Saturday Night Live Mike Pence Fly Secret Jim Carrey Jeff Goldblum (1)
(Photo: Saturday Night Live)

During the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last week, it was confirmed that Jim Carrey would be bringing Joe Biden to life for the foreseeable future. This initially drew a divisive reaction among fans as he seemed far wackier and zanier than the real Joe Biden, but as this newest sketch reveals that was completely intentional. With this sketch, the zanier take on Joe Biden continues to a whole new level as Jim Carrey's take on the presidential candidate is going to great lengths in these debates.


With such a strange subject as the fly on Vice President Mike Pence's head, it was only natural to see these wackier topics combine into a whole new level of absurdity that only Carrey truly can deliver. As he continued to morph into Jeff Goldblum, and not just the version of the actor that stars in The Fly, he started advertising for Apartments.con and more. But what did you think of the sketch?

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