Star Wars: The Mandalorian's Carl Weathers Teases Plot Twists for Greef Carga

As we've learned through the first nine episodes of the series, Star Wars: The Mandalorian is chock full of surprises. The Baby Yoda reveal at the end of the first episode was kept under wraps until it premiered, and fans were quite shocked to see an unmasked Boba Fett front and center at the conclusion of the Season 2 premiere. Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and the rest of the Mandalorian creative team are very good at keeping big reveals hidden, and there will likely be many more surprises over the course of the next seven episodes. Even Greef Carga might have some plot twists hiding up his sleeves.

The head of the Bounty Hunters Guild is a bit mischievous, as he showed throughout the first season, but he mostly seemed like a predictable kind of character. That might not be the case in Season 2. While appearing on Breakfast Television Toronto, Mandalorian star Carl Weathers said that his character is enjoying "being duplicitous," and will deliver some surprises to viewers when he returns later in the season.

"Not really, I personally like the fact that he doesn't divulge a lot about himself because I think, in some ways, the less you know, the more interested you are in knowing, and Greef plays things pretty close to the vest," Weathers said. "So I think that we... in the episode I directed, we hint that there may be some ulterior motives in Greef's desires and what he's after you know, his goals and I personally think that's more than enough."

Does this mean that Greef will potentially betray Mando in the second season? It's certainly possible, given the character's history. At the end of the first season, Greef planned to double-cross Din Djarin and deliver Baby Yoda to The Client. However, after Baby Yoda healed him, Greef had a change of heart, and killed the bounty hunters he was working with in order to spare Mando.

As Weathers mentioned, he will be directing an episode of the second season. Other new directors in this installment include Peyton Reed, Robert Rodriguez, and creator Jon Favreau, who directed the premiere. Dave Filoni, Rick Famuyiwa, and Bryce Dallas Howard will all return as directors in Season 2.

What do you think Greef Carga has in store throughout the rest of the season? Let us know in the comments!


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