DC's Stargirl Recap With Spoilers: The Heroes Face Their First Villains in "The Justice Society"

Last week on DC's Stargirl, Courtney filled out her new Justice Society of America team with the [...]

Last week on DC's Stargirl, Courtney filled out her new Justice Society of America team with the addition of a new Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite. But a superhero team is more than a collection of people in super suits and this week, the young heroes have to try to live up to their mantles. It's something that may be easier said than done, however. The new JSA is brand new to the hero game and still figuring out their motivations and dynamic -- which isn't exactly the best place to be in going into their first real mission. Want to see how that plays out? Read on for our spoiler-filled recap below.

Warning: spoilers for the sixth episode of Stargirl's first season, "The Justice Society", below.

The episode opens on the football field with the Blue Valley High team practicing and one player -- Artemis Crock -- getting taken down by another player who says she shouldn't be on the team at all. She punches him out and is benched while her parents (Crusher Crock and Paula Brooks) watch in the stands. Later, the coach is confronted by said parents with Crusher hitting him with a baseball bat.

Stargirl returns home to find Pat waiting for her in her room. He confronts her about the stolen JSA artifacts. Courtney pleads with him that they need help in the form of a new JSA. Courtney reveals that yes, Rick Harris is Rick Tyler as well as that she's recruited a new Doctor Mid-Nite and Wildcat. Pat's not happy and wants her to take things back. Pat takes the remaining artifacts away from her, but misses the pen. Elsewhere, Jordan wakes up in the middle of the night and receives a message from Anaya Bowin that the "gym rats" are up to it again. He gets up and confronts Crusher and Paula as they bury the body of the coach -- apparently the third one they've killed. Jordan tells them to get their suits out. They're about to be back in action.

At school, Yolanda shows Courtney videos of Ted Grant's boxing as she finds Ted inspiring. Beth continues to develop her relationship with "Chuck". Both girls' empowerment makes it hard for Courtney to take back their mantles and gear. She tries, but Yolanda and Beth refuse to give things back. Pat approaches Rick on his way to school and tells him that he knew his real dad and reveals he knows about the hourglass. Pat asks for Rick's help with Rex Tyler's journal. Rick thinks it could be code. Pat wants Rick to leave the journal and hourglass with him, but Rick refuses as well and tells Pat he doesn't really do anything.

After school Courtney tries to get Yolanda and Beth to come talk to Pat and Rick also shows up, reminding Courtney that she wouldn't give up her staff if asked. Rick has Beth look at the journal but as she does, she gets an alert that The Gambler is trying to hack into a communication system -- the broadcast dish from last week. Rick, Yolanda, and Beth decide that's the first mission since The Gambler seems like an easy target. Courtney reluctantly agrees.

All suited up, Stargirl, Hourman, Wildcat, and Doctor Mid-Nite show up to take on The Gambler. Right off the bat, teamwork is an issue and while they get into the facility, they quickly encounter a deceased security guard -- a sobering moment for the team before they then encounter Sportsmaster and Tigress -- Artemis' parents. The ensuing fight doesn't go well. The team splits up with Hourman facing off with Sportsmaster while Yolanda takes on Tigress. Stargirl shows up to help Hourman while Doctor Mid-Nite shows up for Wildcat. The fight continues to go badly until Pat shows up in STRIPE, prompting Sportsmaster and Tigress to flee.

After, Pat takes the kids back to the shop and agrees to train them. They are officially now a team. Meanwhile, at the ISA lair, the villains come together and debrief. Jordan decides they need to find out who the new Justice Society is.

Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7 on The CW. New episodes debut Mondays on DC Universe.