DC's Stargirl Recap With Spoilers: Secrets, Lies, and Supervillains in "Shiv Part Two"

Last week on DC's Stargirl, Courtney faced off with a villain her own size when she went toe to toe with Cindy Burman/Shiv in a battle that left Stargirl seriously injured and her identity possibly exposed. Of course, Cindy wasn't in the best of positions, either, as her suiting up to take on Stargirl went directly against her father, Dragon King's, decrees. It's a situation that puts both Cindy and Courtney in precarious positions with each of them looking for very different outcomes. Read on for our spoiler-filled recap of "Shiv Part Two" to find out what happens next!

Warning: Spoilers for this week's episode of DC's Stargirl, "Shiv Part One", below.

The episode opens similarly to the pilot, with Pat racing across town in his car looking concerned, though this time he's not racing to try to save the Justice Society. Instead, he's deliberately crashing his car into a utility pole. Out of town on business, Barbara has dinner with Jordan, leaving her so that he can pay a visit to an old friend. Barbara gets a call from Pat about the car "accident", letting her know that Courtney is okay, but injured. In the hospital, Courtney wakes up and Pat tells her what's going on and he tells her that they really need to tell Barbara what's going on. Courtney begs him not to, at least not yet.

Cindy goes to her father and tells him she found Stargirl, but Dragon King already knows and he's not happy because Cindy didn't kill the hero. He throws that she's good at hurting things in her face and tells her that she hasn't proven herself. He sends her home and tells her to do nothing until he calls for her. At the Pit Stop, the rest of the JSA wants to deal with Cindy themselves, but Beth talks Rick down with a better plan.

At home, while Mike and Courtney bond, Pat has a "chat" with the Cosmic Staff, asking it to actively prevent Courtney from getting into harm's way by taking her away from the danger. When Pat finally sees Barbara, she's upset with him for letting Courtney "drive". Pat wants to talk, but she says she's tired. Elsewhere, Jordan pays a visit to his "friend" who turns out to have been a waste disposal manager for a company that dumped toxic waste and said nothing when a school was built on the site -- the school his wife worked at and got sick. Jordan kills him for not doing anything to stop it.

At the King home, Henry Jr. is in agony as his powers continue to manifest and in his search for pain killers, he not only finds a mysterious key in his father's desk but discovers he can levitate things as well. Elsewhere, Yolanda and Rick are staking out the Burman home while Beth knocks on the door. Pat tries to stop her, but they end up having to pretend to be father and daughter when Bobbie Burman, Cindy's stepmother, answers the door. They get invited in and soon learn that the house is almost like no one lives there -- completely with fake decorations. Even Beth's goggles can't identify who Bobbie really is, though she does find a security panel by the basement door and goes down to check it out, only to be scared off by the sound of Solomon Grundy.

At home, Cindy pays Courtney a visit. Cindy "apologizes" for being mean to her, acting like nothing happened in terms of the Stargirl/Shiv fight. Cindy proceeds to eat a box of chocolates she brought over and tells Courtney that they aren't that different and that she could use a friend. Before she leaves, though, Cindy reveals that she knows that Courtney is Stargirl and that she plans to kill all her friends. Courtney texts Yolanda, who tells her that Pat is there at Cindy's house. Courtney decides to suit up to help her friends while Pat and Beth manage to get out of the Burman home with some help from Rick and Yolanda without Cindy seeing them, though Beth takes the photo of Dr. Ito from Cindy's room.

At this point, things start coming together. Henry Jr. discovers his father's Brainwave suit as well as a letter from Dr. Ito that reveals Cindy was assigned to watch him all this time. Stargirl attacks Cindy in her room and the pair fight, eventually taking it outside to the street where Cindy is nearly run over by Henry Jr. Cindy gets the upper hand over Stargirl again. Henry Jr's powers start overwhelming him and while Cindy tries to get him to help, his powers overload, separating both Stargirl and Cindy, but before Cindy can go after Stargirl again, Dragon King's drones carry her off into the tunnels. Henry Jr. approaches Stargirl about Cindy, realizes she's Courtney, but runs away as his powers overwhelm him again. Meanwhile, in his lair, Dragon King watches it all play out, aware Henry Jr. has his father's powers.

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