Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Hints At Trailer Release Date

Stranger Things season 4's writers are hyping fans up for a trailer drop that seems to be coming all too soon. It started with the writers dropping a cryptic tweet that read "Are you ready?" which quickly went viral. An hour later, a new tweet dropped with a bunch of clock emojis and the mind-blown emoji, with a YouTube link. That YouTube video is titled "HNL Control Room" and it claims that "Due to technical difficulties, Hawkins National Laboratory will be closed until further notice. We will be back in service tomorrow at 9:00 AM ET."

So should we expect the Stranger Things season 4 trailer to arrive at 9 AM ET on Thursday, May 6th? Seems like it. The video footage seems to be loaded with clues, which fans are already breaking down and discussing on Twitter.

Like so many TV and movie productions, Stranger Things was hit with big delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, after initially beginning in March 2020 - right when the world went into lockdown. Production restarted earlier this year, but the show's return date (and all the marketing involved with that) has been hard to pinpoint or guess.

In a previous interview, Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard said season 4 "should be out some time next year." Some fans may be disappointed by that answer, as they were hoping for Stranger Things season 4 would drop in 2021. Still, any forward motion after the pandemic is something to be happy about.

"I'll just say the pandemic definitely massively delayed shooting and therefore the launch of our current Season 4, date still TBD," executive producer Shawn Levy told Collider last fall. "But it impacted very positively by allowing the Duffer brothers, for the first time ever, to write the entire season before we shoot it and to have time to rewrite in a way that they rarely had before so the quality of these screenplays are exceptional, maybe better than ever."

Wolfhard has also echoed the praise of the story and tone for season 4 to CBC Listen, stating:


"Every season it gets darker. Really, I will say with Season 3 I was like, this is the darkest season that there'll ever be, like the exploding rats and everything. But really, Season 4 so far, it's the darkest season there's ever been. Every year, it gets amped up. Every year it gets funnier and darker and sadder, and everything. Every year, they amp it up."

Be on the lookout for a Stranger Things season 4 trailer tomorrow.