Supernatural EP Teases "Rocky" Relationships in Final Season

Supernatural is making its final trek after more than a decade. The TV show confirmed it would come to an end this year with season 15. The show held its final premiere back in October, and things are falling apart for the Winchesters in a flashy way. Now, it turns out more things are about to be loaded on Dean and Sam that will test their strongest relationships.

Recently, TVLine post a brand-new report which gives some scoops on Supernatural. When a fan asked whether the site had details on the final season, it turns out the series' co-showrunner had a little something to share.

“Whether it’s Dean/Cas, Dean/Sam, Sam/Cas, our guys have fought a lot and always kind of found a way back together,” Andrew Dabb said about the show's complex relationships.

“They’re a family at the end of the day, and I think the same thing will happen here. But with that being said, it may be a rocky road.”

Of course, fans who are caught up with the final season will understand what Dabb means. Both Sam and Dean have been through a lot in just three episodes. Dealing with the death of Jack, the Winchesters have had to part ways with Kevin Tran once more before losing Arthur and Rowena. These losses left Dean at Castiel's throat, but Dabb wants fans to know such tension cannot be avoided. When the Gates of Hell are upon you, it is hard to keep calm, but Dabb is confident the Winchesters will pull through everything in the end.

Now, fans are eager to see how this week's episode will play out. The CW will put out a new episode tonight which follows Dean's spat with Castiel. The feud ended with Castiel realizing the Winchesters need to get a move on from the zombie hordes following them, and the threat of Chuck is still out there. Castiel and Dean will need to make up with one another ASAP if they want their retreat tactics to work out, so here's to hoping the hunters can patch things up between them.


Supernatural airs new episodes every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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