The Boys' Nathan Mitchell On Whether He Wants Black Noir to Remove the Mask

Season two of The Boys was able to bring the mysterious supe Black Noir to the forefront a few times, including an episode where he went after Billy Butcher and the gang with explosive results. Even in the moments when the masked supe is clearly damaged by the attack, we still don't get a good look at his face or even his appearance. Speaking with in a new interview, series star Nathan Mitchell (the man behind the Black Noir mask) said he'd be okay either way if his glorious mug was shown or not on screen.

"I'm happy whichever way we go," Mitchell said. "I think that, especially with season two, you're really getting the feel of this vibe of this dude in a mask. You don't know what his deal is and the more you see them, the more you want to know what goes on. I think on one level, I think everyone's hoping we get to see who's behind that mask and what's underneath. At another level, I think the mask is so synonymous with who he is and it's such a big part of him. "

He added, "So, I think there's space for both of those things to kind of exist and be realized. Yeah. Even in the first trailer that we released for season two, the thing that stuck out to me is, we'd see this flash of all these characters, and then you'd see Noir on this roof just perching. And even I, knowing Noir, knowing what's going on, I'm like, 'Who's that guy? What's his deal?' There is something special and unique about the mask in this mosaic of characters that really brings something different."

We're gonna talk The Boys comic book spoilers below as it relates to Mitchell's quotes, so dive in for our thoughts.


As readers of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson series recall, Black Noir's big nasty secret in the source material is that he's actually a clone of Homelander. He's equally as powerful as the hero and has a spot on The Seven as a backup plan for Vought should something need to be done about Homelander. So far nothing in the series has actually indicated that this is the plan for the TV series as well, especially with the casting of Mitchell in the role. If anything, it might be funny for Black Noir to go masked for the entire run of the series, but a reveal (perhaps an all-new spin) seems inevitable.

The first two seasons of The Boys are streaming now on Amazon Prime video, with season three tentatively scheduled to begin filming in the first part of 2021.