The Boys' Black Noir Officially Has a Fancam

The Fancam craze has finally found its way to the hit Amazon series The Boys as one fan has posted an edit focusing on The Seven member Black Noir, but also the actor that plays him on set, Nathan Mitchell. For those out of the loop, the fad of fancams has its roots in K-Pop fandoms who edit videos to highlight a specific member of a musical group including clips of them performing, attending awards shows, and interacting with fans. For the Black Noir fancam the creator uses mostly footage from the series itself but also includes clips of Mitchell himself and even a brief snippet of him in costume on set goofing off when the cameras aren't rolling. Check it out below!

Black Noir is featured prominently in the promo for the next episode of The Boys as well, teasing a showdown between he and Karl Urban's Billy Butcher. Titled "We Gotta Go Now," the new episode will premiere on Amazon Prime Video for streaming this Friday, September 18th. Upon its release there will be just three episodes remaining in the series' second season.

New episodes will continue to debut on Amazon Prime Video weekly on Fridays, culminating in the season two finale premiering on October 9. Amazon's new release strategy for the second season has not been that popular with some members of the show's fandom, who have been review bombing the series on the platform to give it it one-star reviews, despite admitting to enjoying the new season.

The series has managed to rack up some impressive reviews for its second season though, sitting pretty at 98% and Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with 80 critical reviews. This marks a leap from the first season of the series which sits at 84% on the critical aggregator.'s Matthew Aguilar called the season, "a magnificent success," and awarded a a perfect five out of five rating in his full review.

The Boys has also already been renewed for a third season but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic it's unclear when it will be able to shoot, resulting in the cast for the series releasing a a dire warning for those eager to see their adventures continue: Wear a mask. A major addition to the series has already been confirmed for the next season with Supernatural star Jensen Ackles set to play the part of Soldier Boy.