The Boys Season 2 Lands Big Score on Rotten Tomatoes

In just over a week, the highly anticipated second season of The Boys will arrive on Amazon Prime, providing fans of hard-R superhero cinema something to binge over Labor Day weekend. The big question remains — can the show's sophomore outing live up to the hype generated by the first season? Will Season Two be just as enjoyable as the incredibly fresh — and totally disturbing — first round of episodes? So far, it appears critics are answering "yes" to both questions.

As of this writing, The Boys Season Two has debuted on Rotten Tomatoes with a near-perfect 94-percent Fresh score. While it's still far too early in the process to determine its final rating — it's so early the site has yet to even provide a Critics Consensus yet, after all — this high of a number this early on likely means the second season is all but guaranteed to earn the coveted Certified Fresh rating before long.

In the sixteen reviews counted so far, only one — from the Observer's Brandon Katz — has been negative. Katz says The Boys is "highly entertaining by grossly flawed" as it "envisions itself as the bad boy of superhero stories.

"To a degree, it is," Katz adds. "But let's not act as if it's the long-awaited mash-up of Shakespeare and Stan Lee."

On the flip side,'s Matthew Aguilar scored the series a perfect five out of five, enjoying the batch of episodes so much, he'd couldn't help but look forward to season three.

"Kripke once said that The Boys season 2 didn't want to go bigger, but deeper, and in that regard season 2 is a magnificent success," Aguilar says in his full review, which you can read here. "Sure the action and shock value is there in spades, but it's the very real people underneath that will leave you feeling every emotion under the sun, and we cannot wait to return once more to this crazy world in season 3."


The Boys Season Two is set for release on September 4th. The first can be stream now on Prime Video.

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