The Simpsons: Benedict Cumberbatch Voices Quilloughby In New Clip

Benedict Cumberbatch is voicing a character named Quilloughby in a brand new clip from The Simpsons. The Doctor Strange star is making a stop in Springfield and he’s making reference to the realm of popular music. Lisa’s imaginary friend in the latest episode is modeled on iconic 80s performer Morrisey and this episode will be a treat for fans who love that era of music. “Panic on the Streets of Springfield” sees the resident moral compass of the town infatuated with the brooding musician as a figment of her imagination. This is a wildly different approach than some other superhero actor cameos that riff on that source material. Instead, writer Tim Long told Variety that the episode actually spun out of his own love for that era’s music and a discussion in the writers’ room.

“I grew up as a moody kid obsessed with catchy-yet-depressing indy music from England, so this show was sort of a natural for me,” Long explained. “And like Marge, my parents wondered what the hell was wrong with me — they still don’t know.”

When the publication asked about the striking resemblance to Morrisey, he said it was an original character and offered, “And I’m sticking by that! Having said that, the character is definitely Morrissey-esque, with maybe a small dash of Robert Smith from the Cure, Ian Curtis from Joy Division, and a bunch of other people.”

The last time we saw someone from the MCU in the show, it was the Russo Brothers and Kevin Feige as some modern movie executives and a major Thanos pastiche. That entry was called “Bart the Bad Guy” and fans got a kick out Fiege’s turn as the man with 37 chins.

Back when the superhero parody aired, the official synopsis said, "in 'Bart and the Bad Guy,' Bart manages — by way of a massive misunderstanding — to see an advance cut of the unreleased sequel of the extremely popular Vindicator superhero movie franchise. And he quickly discovers that he can leverage his recently procured spoiler knowledge as blackmail material. But when the studio execs behind the film learn of Bart’s scheme, they vow to stop at nothing to silence him."

That effort also included Marve Cinematic Universe actress Cobie Smulders as a plant-themed hero named Hydrangea. It was a family affair as her husband Taran Killam played Hawkeye Expy Airshot.


The Simpsons airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox

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