The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Teases Maggie and Negan’s Next Meeting: “He’s in Trouble”

"I'll deal with Negan if I have to." Maggie's (Lauren Cohan) homecoming meant opening up to Daryl (Norman Reedus) about the real reason she's spent years away from home, but she's not done dealing with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in the extended Season 10 of The Walking Dead. Sunday's "Home Sweet Home" ended with Maggie and her eight-year-old son Hershel (Kien Michael Spiller) calling Alexandria home, putting them next door to the bad man who murdered Glenn (Steven Yeun) eight years earlier. After crossing paths with her husband's killer twice in the same episode — not saying a word to him either time — what happens when Maggie and Negan have their next face-to-face?

"Getting Hershel to Alexandria is so important. They've had no safety net as a family, and despite the challenge of Maggie being face-to-face with Negan again, nothing is more important than whatever she can do for her son," Cohan says in a behind-the-scenes video about Maggie's return.

On the run from the Reapers, and with nowhere else to go after Negan helped Alpha (Samantha Morton) burn down the Hilltop at the height of the Whisperer War, the Rhees return to Alexandria and pay Negan no mind as they walk into their new home.

"She's making a very conscious effort to not allow Negan to control her," says executive producer Denise Huth. "That power that he had over her is part of why she left, and the decision to come back means he doesn't get that power anymore."

Adds Cohan, "I definitely would love for people to draw their own conclusions about what Maggie may be thinking when she and Negan come face-to-face again. There's a long road ahead, there's a lot to be done. He's in trouble."

Maggie will appear in "Here's Negan," the season-ending Negan prequel episode split between present-day and the past, and the Maggie-Negan drama is a story that will continue into the eleventh and final season premiering this summer.

"We are actively working on Season 11. It's a long season for us, it's 24 episodes. We keep it at 16 normally! I do have a sense of where it might end but we are working on all of that," showrunner Angela Kang told NME about what's to come after these six bonus episodes. "We'll be introducing new communities that are antagonists, sometimes allies. There's going to be all the human drama that we've built up: we've got Maggie back, there's a great Maggie/Negan story that we're working on. There will be lots to look forward to for our fans who have been following us all of this time!"


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