Tiger King Star Shows Off All-New Restored Teeth

Tiger King star Erik Cowie has gotten his teeth fixed, and he wants to let the online/social media fandom know all about it. Reddit posts featuring Cowie in a Tampa, Florida dental office recently caught fans' attention; now, a before-and-after photo mashup of Cowie both before and after the procedure has gone viral. And not without good reason: the dental work that was performed on Cowie was truly transformative, and the Tiger King star is now looking pretty good! A lot of Tiger King fans are now sounding off about Cowie's transformation, with mix of praise and (of course) jokes:

Erik Cowie is in Tampa getting new teeth... no one tell Carole Baskin 🤫 from r/TigerKing

Here ya go, reddit! The new and improved Erik Cowie!! 48-hour full-mouth transformation! from r/TigerKing

As one Reddit user pointed out, the timing of Cowie's transformation couldn't be more ironic: "What bad timing, everyone’s wearing masks now."

Another fan added: "You’re not kidding. I’ve had terrible teeth my entire life and was afforded the chance to have them all redone in December. I finally have a pretty mouth and now I have to cover it up!"

Eric Cowie isn't the first Tiger King star trying to improve his image. Joe Exotic's ex-husband John Finlay also had some corrective dental surgery done in 2019, in order to fix his horribly mangled mouth. In fact, John was actually upset with Netflix's Tiger King documentary for not including the footage of him with his corrective dental work:

"It took a while, but it took a good job to get it done, too," Finlay said. "It was painful the first couple of weeks. But after I got them fixed the right way, they're perfect. I got 51 tattoos and I think my teeth were the worst part of it."


Indeed, there's a lingering question about how the Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness Netflix documentary portrayed the various characters around Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and Doc Antle. The workers at Joe Exotic's zoo (John Reinke, Kelci Saffery, John Finlay, Erik Cowie, etc.), were arguably good-natured people who actually cared about animals, and never really signed up for Joe's insane world. The vendetta with Carole; the murdering of the tigers; the dealings with Jeff Lowe... Let's just say those Tiger King zoo workers deserve whatever redeeming spotlight they can get.

Tiger King is still streaming on Netflix. There are TV and Movie adaptations in the works, as well as a prequel comic book.

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