Tiger King Star Says Joe Exotic's Zoo Will Be in "Complete Hell" When Carole Baskin Takes Over

Earlier this week brought some major but very surprising news for fans of Netflix's Tiger King as it was announced that a court has awarded the property housing Joe Exotic's former zoo to none other than his biggest rival, Carole Baskin. Exotic, currently serving a 22-year sentence in prison for attempting to hire someone to murder her, as well as acts of animal abuse and endangerment, had previously lost a trademark infringement suit to Baskin which was documented in the Netflix series. At the time Basking won a $1 million dollar judgment against Joe and since the former zoo owner had no money or cash assets, Baskin was awarded the land to help compensate. So what do Exotic's former business partners think of this development?

"We have anticipated this for almost two years," Jeff Lowe told ET Online in a new interview. "As soon as we came into the picture, Carol kind of automatically wrapped us under the same umbrella as Joe and tried to get me included in his judgement for a million dollars. I think she suspected I could pay it when Joe never could, so she fought long and hard and wasted a lot of money to get me named in her lawsuit."

When asked what the zoo would look like when Baskin takes ownership of the property, he replied: "Complete hell," adding they'll gift wrap it for her before she arrives.

"I mean, because I'm not taking care of it as we leave," Lowe said. "The bamboo is about taking this place over. She has no idea the amount of work it is to keep this park up."

Lowe and his associates have 120 days to vacate the premises, but the main point of note in the court's ruling is that Carole Baskin only gets ownership of the property. All of the animals currently living at the zoo will not come under her care and will remain with Lowe and his business.


"We knew this was happening, we've been prepared for it, That's why we went down to Thackerville and acquired the new land and started building a new zoo. It’s always been our intention to leave this place. We don’t particularly like it here, because of its geographical location. It’s not a great place for a business, it was poorly constructed, so we’re happy to let her have it… I wish her all the luck in the world, and she can have these 16 acres of haunted memories."

You can watch all of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness on Netflix now, and check back here for further updates on the saga of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.