WandaVision Is a Blank Slate for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Says Elizabeth Olsen

WandaVision is a fresh departure from anything Marvel Studios has done before, that much is apparent. Three episodes into the outfit's first-ever television series, the team behind the show has chosen to deviate from the massive blockbuster fare for era-specific sitcom storytelling. According to the Scarlet Witch herself, the choice to release WandaVision has provided a blank slate for Kevin Feige and his team at Marvel Studios, providing the house's creatives a new opportunity to pursue storytelling avenues not previously available.

“The show is like a blank slate for them,” Olsen told ELLE in one recent interview. “Wanda and Vision's journey to this point is a story of pure, innocent love and deep connection with another person,” she explains. “It was also very traumatizing. Tragedy has always been their story. In our show, we kind of wipe that clean and start fresh.”

As the star says, the WandaVision story so far is just about two people just trying to fit in, even though the couple manages to have reality-altering superpowers.

“They are just trying to fit in,” the actor added. “They're trying to not be found out by their neighbors that they're super-powered beings. The reason it’s a sitcom shows itself later in the show. When Kevin [Feige] told me, it didn't feel so bizarre. It felt like a great way to start our story.”

Feige previously said he wanted to pay tribute to the television shows he watched as a child growing up.

"What would give me comfort after school [and] comfort late at night were these television shows. It was the one aspect of my youth and sort of what turned me into, for better or for worse, the person I am today. We'd never been able to really utilize [that]," Feige previously told Variety about the genesis of WandaVision. "My love of all sorts of movies and genre movies has absolutely been poured into all 23 movies you've seen us make at Marvel Studios already, but that aspect of my past, we weren't able to even consider necessarily being able to do anything with it."


The first three episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+. If you haven't signed up for the service yet, you can try it out here.

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