Westworld Season 3 Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Out

Sunday will mark the highly-anticipated premiere of Westworld's season three, and fans will finally be reacquainted with their favorite hosts after a long hiatus. The season premiere airs on March 15th, but a handful of critics have already seen the first four episodes of the new season, which means the show's critics score is currently up on Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, the show stands at 73% after 22 reviews. "Westworld succeeds in rebooting itself by broadening its scope beyond the titular amusement park while tightening its storytelling clarity -- although some may feel that the soul has been stripped from this machine in the process," Rotten Tomatoes explained. You can check out some of the spoiler-free reviews below:

“This is a zanier, sillier Westworld, and much more entertaining for it,” Sophie Gilbert of The Atlantic wrote. “It's a beautifully shot show, featuring some of TV's most ambitious special effects, but you could take nearly every dialogue-lite scene and turn it into a commercial for perfume or some luxury automobile,” Dan Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter added. “As an action-adventure, the story has some wind at its back heading into the last four episodes. All roads lead to Dolores, it seems, and hopefully, the grand showdown is an entertaining one,” Alison de Souza of The Straits Times (Singapore) wrote. “I just miss the old Westworld, really: an imperfect but sweeping series with a shivery kind of poetry at its heart. That lyricism, the show's philosophical murmur, is largely drowned out in Season 3,” Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair shared.

Overall, it sounds like the upcoming episodes have their ups and downs, but it will ultimately depend on the viewer's storytelling preference. The mixed reviews won't stop us from checking it out, though, as we're dying to know what's next now that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) have finally left the confines of Westworld along with Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), who has been "inhabited" by a host. Recently, Thompson teased that it "feels like the show is starting all over again."


“In a weird way, it feels like this is the premiere of the show again because we have entered the real world and the show continues to ask the question what it means to be human, but it’s asking a host – pun intended – of new questions," Thompson told Variety. "We have lots of people that have come to join our cast, fresh blood, so it feels like the show is starting all over again. It’s a show that surprises not just the audience, but surprised the people that are lucky enough to work on it."

Season Three of Westworld premieres on HBO on March 15th.