What We Do in the Shadows Guest Star Mark Hamill Reveals What He Took From the Set

The TV version of What We Do in the Shadows has become a bonafide phenomenon, building on the irreverent universe of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's vampire film. The series was recently nominated for ten Primetime Emmy Awards, including some for the standout episode "On the Run". The episode followed Lazlo Cravensworth (Matt Berry) uprooting his life and changing his name, after a fellow vampire named Jim (Mark Hamill) came to collect on a long-running debt. The episode has been regarded by some to be a series best, especially thanks to Hamill's noteworthy performance and ridiculous costume in the episode. As Hamill recently revealed on Twitter, he was actually able to keep some of that costume -- his vampire fangs and his dagger.

"On the Run" has no shortage of memorable moments, from basically all of Berry's "Jackie Daytona" persona, to the absurd fight sequence between Berry and Hamill -- which culminated in using pool cues as lightsaber-like weapons.

"I can remember how I felt when I was stood in front of him and he held his pool cue like a lightsaber, and I held mine," Berry recently told Entertainment Weekly. "When you're of a certain age, Star Wars was such a huge thing, that you do, literally — and I did, literally — go weak at the knees when he held his pool cue at me."

While What We Do in the Shadows was initially held in comparison to its film predecessor, the series has definitely come into its own, albeit in unexpected ways.


“I think Scott Rudin, the producer, saw the movie and thought it should be a TV show and went to Jermaine and Taika and said this should be a TV show and they both eventually came around to the idea that it should be a TV show,” writer and producer Paul Simms shared in a recent interview. “I think the biggest hurdle to figure out was if it would be the same actors in the movie or if it would be a whole new cast, and it’s a whole new cast, which was the challenge initially, but which I think has been fantastic for the show.”

What We Do in the Shadows has been renewed for a third season.