Dwayne Johnson Announces Main Cast for Young Rock TV Series

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and NBC have teamed up with writer Nahnatchka Khan to turn the iconic wrestler and actor's formative years into a brand new TV series. Young Rock will be debuting in the midseason, sometime in early 2021, and production on the project is now underway in Australia. On Wednesday morning, Johnson took to Instagram to share some big casting news for the series, announcing the actors that would be playing younger version of himself and his parents.

There will actually be two different versions of Johnson depicted on the show, the main one being a 15-year-old Rock played by Bradley Constant. Marco Polo's Uli Latukefu will take on the role of Johnson from ages 18-20, when he's recruited to play football at the University of Miami.

Stacey Leilua will be playing Johnson's mother, Ata Johnson, while the role of his late father will be played by Joseph Lee Anderson. Ana Tuisila will play Johnson's grandmother, Lia Maivia.

Johnson made individual posts on Instagram for each of the main cast members. For the casting of Anderson to play Rocky, Johnson penned a special tribute to his father, who died earlier this year.

"As you guys know, my dad passed away earlier this year so this role is a special one and our first episode is dedicated to him," Johnson wrote. "My dad was a true trailblazer and broke color barriers all across our country in the '60s, '70s & '80s. One half of the first black tag team champions (with Tony Atlas) my pops was a bad dude in the tame. I miss him. This one's for you Rock."


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