Young Sheldon Makes A Life Changing Decision In Finale Episode

Young Sheldon made a life-changing decision in the finale episode. He discovered a hidden letter in his mom’s dresser that would set him on the path to becoming the man that audiences love so much. While looking for a flashlight, Sheldon stumbles upon a letter addressed to his parents. Being the wholesome bean he is, the boy is scared to open it because it would be breaking the law. However, Missy has no such problem in opening mail that isn’t her’s. Sheldon even goes so far as to contact a law firm to determine he’s on the right side of the law if Missy tells him what’s going on. He gets the go-ahead on the phone and she begins to explain what it says.

Missy reveals that there’s a college offer for Sheldon from Cal-Tech inside and the boy can’t believe it. He’s very upset with his mother Mary for hiding the letter. Adding to worries, his father George is also upset that he’s been kept out of the loop all this time. But, there are more surprises in store as Mary reveals that Cal-Tech isn’t the only college that’s been offering admission. Princeton and many others have sent letters and she’s been hiding them because she’s afraid of him going off to college before he’s ready.

Sheldon enlists his father’s help and the two make a video together to convince Mary that he’s ready to go off to college. It really wouldn’t be feasible to go so far away from home to school now, but that’s okay because the video is positioning him to attend East Texas Tech full time. He’s been taking classes already, so this is a pretty elegant solution for everyone. Many of Sheldon’s teachers and the principal all give their recommendations for the boy to attend East Texas Tech. After Mary sees the video, she agrees to let him go and it’s a wonderful moment to see.

Series co-creator Steve Molar talked to TV Line about the Sheldon going off to school and how they came to the decision.


“Yes. I was like, 'I can’t send this kid away from his mom.' I mean, realistically, he’s a little kid. He needs to have his parents around, or at least have access to some sort of family or someone taking care of him, so that worked out,” he told them. “We were all ready to do it. Creatively, it’ll be good to get him in a new environment, so [there’s] not too much fear about that.”

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