Heated Conversation Between CM Punk and Chris Jericho After AEW All Out Revealed

The fallout from AEW All Out is winding down, but as the wrestling world approaches the finish line, a flurry of fresh information has started to surface. Minutes before AEW Dynamite kicked off on Wednesday, which featured a vignette that teased the return of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, new information about the locker room fight arrived from CM Punk's camp. This report claimed that when Punk's locker room door was "kicked in," it accidentally hit Punk's dog, Larry, resulting in two teeth needing to be removed. Hours after that story dropped, another report came that called it a "total fabrication."

Now, another report has arrived that details an exchange between Punk and Chris Jericho that went down shortly after the locker room fight. Fightful Select reported that Jericho "confronted" Punk and called him "a cancer to the AEW locker room." The report also added that Jericho said Punk had been "detrimental to the company." Punk's response to Jericho's words was not completely caught, but he essentially told Jericho that the situation was not his business and that he should leave. 

Fightful reached out to multiple parties regarding this exchange. While Jericho and AEW did not respond, sources close to Punk did confirm that the conversation occurred.

Another layer from this report comes with the timetable. This conversation between Jericho and Punk went down after the locker room fight but before Jericho's press conference. Based on timecodes in the AEW All Out press conference video on AEW's YouTube channel, the locker room fight and Jericho's subsequent conversation with Punk went down within 25 minutes of Punk's presser ending. It's also worth noting that at the end of Jericho's press conference, he can be seen whispering to AEW President Tony Khan that "some s--t just went down."

In the weeks following AEW All Out, Jericho has been praised for his demeanor and his work as a locker room leader. This behavior went over well with the company, as Jericho recently signed a contract extension with AEW that will keep him in the company until 2025.

"I guess the simple answer is 'Why not?' Things have been going so well in the company, and I really do feel that this is my company," Jericho said regarding his decision to re-sign with AEW. "It's tattooed on my heart, so to speak. I've been here since day one, and there's really no reason not to be here continuing forward. When AEW first started, I think basically it was Chris Jericho and a group of very talented people that might not have been as well known. Within three months that changed and now within three years, we've got at least a dozen, maybe two dozen, of our own homegrown stars that came into their own on AEW television."

Jericho defends his Ring of Honor World Title against a mystery opponent next week on AEW Dynamite.