Cody Rhodes Shoots Down Rumor of AEW's Executive Vice Presidents Fighting Backstage

Cody Rhodes hosted a media conference call for AEW's Double or Nothing pay-per-view on Thursday [...]

Cody Rhodes hosted a media conference call for AEW's Double or Nothing pay-per-view on Thursday and was asked to address the elephant in the room regarding a recent backstage rumor. Back in mid-May reports started popping up that the four AEW executive vice presidents (Rhodes, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) were no longer on speaking terms and that the fighting between them was causing major stars to be hesitant about signing with the promotion. Rhodes swiftly shot down those rumors, stating that he, The Bucks and Omega speak with each other every day.

"When I heard that story was floating around, it is one of the things I chopped up as we've been very successful, AEW, and with NXT losing the Wednesday Night Wars, that created a lot of anger," Rhodes said. "I understand there is a lot of hardcore NXT and WWE fans out there and that's why those stories like that don't surprise me. I think people need to cling to something and as sexy as that story is, I talk to Matt and Nick every day, I talk to Kenny very often, I support their projects fully and they've been supportive of all my projects.

"We would not be able to put this show on the air, Tony [Khan] is the man and he's the boss, but we would not be able to put the show on the air if the four of us were not functioning as one team," he continued. "Unfortunately, it's not very sexy to say, but there is no truth to that. We'll remain one team."

Rhodes gave an interview with ComicBook earlier this week and talked about how the booking for AEW Dynamite will be assisted by the arrival of AEW Rampage, which will serve as AEW's weekly third out on cable.

"The format for Dynamite is always fun to look at, unique, and the challenge of every week covering so many stories, determining the most important stories, appeasing the stories that do well with the audience itself, because we're a data company at heart," Rhodes said. "Chris Harrington and Tony Khan are looking at what moves the needle, and that's what's going to be out there, and that's what's going to be prioritized.

"I think having Rampage will help considerably," he continued. "That way we can share the wealth. However, Dynamite's a very hard show to get on. The best wrestlers in the world are on Dynamite. We have a very full locker room, and on the way to the ring, you walk by a lot of people who are on the bench that week. I think you'll see a lot of that bench get unloaded for Rampage, and that's very, very exciting. And the two shows will have their own identities surrounding the AEW championships that kind of tether us all together. But other than the logo for Rampage, the details are all still forthcoming, other than I think it will be really great for our locker room."