AEW's Tony Khan Scraps Career-Threatening Match From This Week's AEW Rampage

AEW President Tony Khan took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce the match between Andrade El Idolo and The Dark Order's 10 has been canceled from this week's live AEW Rampage. The match was originally announced as a Career vs. Mask match in which El Idolo would leave AEW if he lost while 10 would have to unmask and join Andrade's faction if he was not victorious. A reason for the cancellation was not given, but a new match was announced — Death Triangle vs. The Dark Order for the AEW World Trios Championships. 

The news comes hot off the heels of El Idolo's explosive Twitter beef with Sammy Guevara. Fightful Select dropped a new report regarding that situation on Wednesday afternoon. 

"Fightful spoke with several staff and talent about the situation, who claimed they hadn't heard of it being fabricated or worked, but also couldn't be certain," Sean Ross Sapp wrote. He then quoted a wrestler within the company who said, "When you get into mentioning that wrestling isn't real it defeats the purpose of whatever storyline you could be trying to work. They were talking about hitting each other hard and complaining, so if it's a work, it's a bad one. I'm sure they'll eventually have a match though, just because people are talking."

On top of his online spat with Guevara, El Idolo had also been teasing the idea of wanting out of AEW by starting up the hashtag "#FreeElIdolo." Khan talked about that behavior in an interview with ComicBook this week (this was before the match was canceled).


"Well, I would say that I would keep it between me and him and I'll show him a professional courtesy that I think is both professional and courteous and that's a good way to do it," Khan said. "But I do think it'll be a fascinating situation because if Andrade loses this match, he's going to leave AEW and if Number 10 loses the match, then he would lose that mask that was given to him by the late great Mr. Brodie Lee. And this match, of course, will come on the two year anniversary of Mr. Brodie Lee's last match, a dog collar match for the TNT championship against Cody Rhodes. It was a classic match and it will always remember as one of the best matches ever on dynamite. And he's wrestling his greatest champion in so many ways, Mr. Brodie Lee, and that's why we honor him all the time and he was such an important part of our family and his family are an important part of the AEW family, too."