Watch Brock Lesnar Speak With Yellowstone's Jefferson White Backstage at WrestleMania 38

Brock Lesnar was spotted backstage at WrestleMania 38 meeting with Jefferson White, the actor on the hit series Yellowstone who plays Jimmy Hurdstram. White was shown in the crowd at AT&T Stadium during Night Two of WrestleMania and can be heard saying he's a huge fan of Lesnar's. "The Beast" wound up dropping the WWE Championship to Roman Reigns later in the night, enabling "The Tribal Chief" to unify both of WWE's top titles as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. 

Lesnar has reinvented himself in recent months as a jovial, cowboy hat-wearing babyface, much to the delight of fans watching along at home. He admitted in a recent interview with the New York Post that what fans are seeing now is the real him.

"This is the real Brock Lesnar," Lesnar said. "I'm a country hillbilly f—, and that's who I'm am. I grew up the same way. I can be a funny f—er. I can be serious. I can be bipolar and change my persona on a flick of a switch, just ask my kids. I can change on a dime. I can be joking with you and then rip your f—ing head off the next second. It's just the way I am."

Paul Heyman, Lesnar's former advocate, talked about Lesnar's character transformation in an interview with The Ringer back in January. Heyman turned on Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, further setting up the Mania match between Lesnar and Reigns.


"In terms of Brock, Brock just never felt like talking. Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do and Brock Lesnar doesn't do what Brock Lesnar doesn't want to do," Heyman said. "When Brock came back, he had been gone long enough and looked different enough and is really comfortable enough with himself now that he just says, 'Screw it. This is who I am and they'll like me for who I am or they won't. I'm just going to give them the real Brock Lesnar,' which is a far more smart-ass Brock Lesnar than most people were even prepared to see. But if you watched him in the UFC press conferences, this is Brock Lesnar. This is who he is. So, again, in an age where authenticity is a very big selling point with the audience, it's just getting both of them to be authentic."