Cody Rhodes Still Loves Randy Orton Despite On-Air Insult

Due to their fruitful history, there's not much Randy Orton could say that would offend Cody Rhodes. So shaking off Orton's barbs about The Bullet Club's "Two Sweet" was no issue for Rhodes.

Since Randy Orton made his return at Extreme Rules, he's been acting incredibly rude. Aside from turning Jeff Hardy into goo on multiple occasions, Orton just blasted the current state of wrestling during a SmakcDown promo. On top of mocking John Cena's t-shirt conglomerate and Brock Lesnar's part-time ways, Orton took a shot at indie stars inside and outside of WWE. And while they weren't specifically mentioned, Cody Rhodes and his Bullet Club boys were definitely presents in the subtext of Orton's message.

An offended fan ran to Cody Rhodes and asked him to condemn Orton's slanderous speech.

"You crazy?! Randy could call me a rat piece of sh!& and I wouldn't care ha. Without Learned a lot about wrestling from him, and pretty much everything I know about travel from him. "Ice cream,'" he wrote.

Despite the fans plea to berate Orton for saying fabricated dialogue, Rhodes chose to keep it gangster. He and Orton's career share an ample amount of time and per Rhodes was a very healthy relationship.

This isn't the first time Orton has taken a swipe at indy wrestling. In 2017 he sparked backlash after criticizing the high-risk indy style that has caught fire in recent years. Orton was blasted for being out of touch, but he also had his share of supporters.

However, Orton simply has a different perspective on wrestling than fans in their 20's. As a third generation wrestler, Orton is going to be a proponent of the sport's fundamentals. so all of the gimmickry that can find it's way into the ring he won't be a fan of.

Orton shed a little light on his wrestling philosophy during a 2017 interview with 105.7 The Point as he discussed advice he shared with an up and coming Jinder Mahal


"I think that's some advice I gave Jinder. When he first came back he was on RAW, and I think that has helped him out. A lot of the younger guys are so anxious to please and to get better and they try almost too hard, they need to take a step back and relax. I started kind of getting it, so to speak, the light bulb kind of stopped giving as much of a crap, I guess you can say"

"I don't mean in the sense of being lazy or not caring, that's not true at all. But kind of letting it happen out there and letting it be more organic as opposed to coming up with all these ideas where it looks more choreographed or if you're banking on a reaction from the crowd in a particular point in a promo or a match and you don't get that reaction, being prepared to go another route with what you're doing. There's a lot of little aspects to the game that guys can get better at and that's just a few."