Comedian Tom Segura Faces Backlash After Insulting Wrestling Fans

Comedians are always looking to push buttons, and sometimes they get exactly what they want. That seems to be the case with comedian couple Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky, who decided to take aim at fans of professional wrestling on the latest episode of their Your Mom's House podcast. During that episode, Tom launched into a rant about people that love wrestling, which is no real shock for those who have been fans of pro wrestling for any length of time. It seems though he really irked fans when he used an offensive term to describe those who like it. He's received quite a bit of backlash in the process, not only for the world he used but also his other comments about wrestling, though that had more to do with his comments being dated and unfunny rather than offensive in any real way.

WrestlingSheet Editor in Chief Ryan Satin shared the clips of the show on social media, and you can see the video below.

"So many guys that love wrestling," Segura said with a laugh. "I think wrestling is for f****** r******, but so many people like it. It's the stupidest s***, and I think you're the stupidest f****** tool if you're like 'hey man it's not fake', it's f****** fake, and you're a f****** idiot. They're not real fights. These are just stunt people, and the fact that guys are like 'man did you see The Undertaker reactions', I'm like what?"

When Christina told the story of someone making her go to a live WWE event, Segura chimed in "it's pathetic. You're a pathetic person." She actually said it was pretty fun, but before she could finish he said 'yeah, so is the special Olympics. It's a fun thing to go to, but it's not real, it's not a real competition. "

When those who believe it is real came up, Segura doubled down on his earlier comments. He then said "if you're over 11 and you're like 'did you see SmackDown last night? (Laughs) Jesus Christ."

The last part of the clip has Segura saying "you know, that's how the ads for wrestling should be. Be like 'WWE. This is for diminished capacity.' That should be their tag for the f****** wrestling show."

He wasn't done yet though, as another clip shows him sarcastically saying he loves wrestling. Segura said "Of course I understand why people love wrestling. It's awesome. Those guys are real athletes . Maybe it's like stunts, but try that. You'll get f****** hurt. Those guys are the real deal. And the drama involved? I mean, you can follow it like you can follow anything. It's like a show. It's like a f****** soap opera for men, and I think it's great! I f****** love wrestling."

Satin then shared another clip that had Segura comparing wrestling fans to flat earthers and anti-vaxxers, so yeah, he was clearly kidding about liking wrestling before.

"Look, I'd like to apologize to all the wrestling fans out there who were insulted by what I said," Segura said. "You're not r-worded. The people who believe the earth is flat are dumber than you. If we were just wiping out huge chunks of the population like I believe in I would say flat earthers, let them go first." After that it was anti-vaxxers followed by wrestling fans third.


As you might imagine, this has drawn out plenty of pro wrestlers and fans who have taken issue with his comments. If his goal was to get attention, it worked, but we'll see if all the backlash was worth it.

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