Ronda Rousey Takes Shot At Pro Wrestlers, Defends "Fake Fights" Comment

Ronda Rousey has been in the news a lot recently, giving her thoughts on why she left her full time gig as a wrestler at the WWE and has now defended her stance on wrestling not being "real fights" on her Official Twitter Account, which will be sure to cause some serious controversy. Rousey herself began her career as a mixed martial arts fighter, becoming arguably the biggest female fighter in the world, eventually landing at the WWE and becoming a member of their roster of female wrestlers. On her Twitter Account, Ronda has doubled down on her recent comments.

Rousey recently took a shot at "ungrateful fans" for causing her to leave her life as a full time wrestler with the WWE, while being interviewed by comedian Steve-O for his podcast, showing that Ronda hasn't been afraid to pull any punches as of late with regards to how she really feels about the WWE and its fans. In another comment, Ronda recently described wrestling as "fake fights for fun", stating that if they were in fact "real fights" than you wouldn't be able to survive 300 of them per year. Needless to say, this controversial statement is sure to get Ronda in the news that much more.

Ronda shared the full comment on her Official Twitter Account, taking a screen shot of the comment itself where she broke down her thoughts on the matter which will be sure to have a lot of WWE fans, and wrestling fans in general, taking offense to the quote:


Ronda Rousey spent a number of years with the WWE, even ascending to a level where she became the Raw Women's Champion and made the rounds to defend her title among other competitors in the biggest wrestling organization in the world. As mentioned earlier, she has stated that she would no longer be a full time wrestler at the organization, though we have to wonder if she'll even be able to be a part timer with these controversial statements, and others, coming fast and furious from Rousey herself.

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