Netflix Delaying New Terrace House Episodes Following Hana Kimura's Death

Hana Kimura, pro wrestler and former star of Netflix's Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 has tragically passed at the age of 22, and Netflix has announced they will be postponing the release of new episodes in the wake of this tragedy. Kimura joined the cast in its 20th week, and was a part of the current line up of the central cast before filming of the show was delayed as a result of the impacts of the novel coronavirus on production. Netflix had planned to release Episodes 39-44 before this tragedy.

Netflix was gearing up to begin airing these new episodes filmed before the coronavirus pandemic halted production as soon as Monday on a weekly basis, but confirmed on their official Netflix Japan Twitter account that they will be postponing these releases for the foreseeable future in the wake of Kimura's death.

The cause of death has yet to be confirmed, but fans began to see some troubling messages of potential self harm through Kimura's social media accounts as a result of cyberbullying the Terrace House star had been subjected to. There are various rumors that it involved one of her Terrace House co-stars, but those are unconfirmed as well. Netflix has also not revealed their future plans for Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 amid the news either.

The original schedule for the latest iteration of the long running reality program was scheduled to air and record new episodes on a weekly basis up until the Summer Olympics in Japan. Not only has their schedule likely been impacted with the novel coronavirus, Kimura's death will need to be addressed should the show make its return.

Terrace House is an interesting reality program where those in the central cast of three men and three women are constantly kept up to date with how they are portrayed in the show themselves. All the program asks from its contestants is to live in the same house while they go about their daily lives, so there isn't the same amount of media blackouts that contestants in other reality programs are used to. will be here to share any updates on the matter.

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