Michael Cole Talks About What It's Like To Be Directed By Vince McMahon

Michael Cole has been with WWE for over 23 years now as a commentator, and during that time he has also started to gain more of an influence behind the scenes. However, when it comes down to it, most fans simply know him now as the long time voice of WWE. Everyone who does commentary for the company has something in common: Vince McMahon in their ear during broadcasts at all times.

McMahon has gained a reputation over the years for being, shall we say, intense in people's headsets as they are calling the action on air. Cole addressed this perception during an appearance on the Gorilla Position podcast.

“You know, it’s so funny how this myth has taken on a life of its own over the past two decades," Cole explained. "Listen, Vince runs the company. He’s the boss. He’s the chairman. He turned a small regional wrestling promotion into a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate. It is his sandbox. He can do with it whatever he wants.

"Honestly, he gives me a lot of leeway and allows me to do a lot of things because he believes in me after so many years. He’s the boss and just like any producer of any television show, he’s going to tell me what he wants. I may not agree with that direction a lot of the time, but I have to do it. He’s my boss. Yes, he is very active in your ears. During WrestleMania season, he is very active. But, I have a great relationship with Vince. He believes in me or I wouldn’t be here as long as I have.


"I think a lot of that stuff that Vince screams in your ear gets really blown out of proportion. I think there are some people that say that because they want to save face because they weren’t successful in what they did. He’s emotional just like all of us are when it comes to this product. He’s so close to it. It’s his family. It’s in his blood. He wants what he wants. On certain days, you’re going to draw the ire of McMahon and on other days, he’s going to tell you that you are the greatest thing in the world and that’s the way Vince is. I wouldn’t trade my working with Vince and what he has meant to my family and my career for anything.”

H/T to WrestlingNews.co for the transcript.