Miro, Formerly WWE's Rusev, Shares First Comments on AEW Debut

Miro, formerly known as WWE Superstar Rusev, has shared his first comments on his big debut with AEW on AEW Dynamite! As many former WWE Superstars have made their way to AEW, one that many wanted to see make the jump between companies following his release during the COVID-19 pandemic was Rusev. After successfully recreating his own personal brand through Twitch and other social channels, Miro made his big debut with AEW during the latest airing of AEW Dynamite. Taking to his steam and official YouTube channel, Miro opened up about the debut with fans.

Introduced to the company as Kip Sabian's "Best Man," Miro opened up about his feelings for his new direction with AEW, "I'm just excited to have the opportunity. I'm thankful to Tony Khan...he's such a good dude, he's such a great owner. He's very open to talk to, being creative with ideas and everything. He's around everybody, it's not like he's hiding or anything like that. He's got great energy, and he just wants the best, man, that's what it is."

Turning his attention toward the future, it's clear that Miro has high hopes for his run with the company that he's excited to be a part of, "I think we all have the same agenda. We all want AEW to succeed. We are promoting ourselves, of course, but we are all in agreement...I mean they are already doing great, and destroying NXT and all that, but now we're up for the big prize, man. I knew they were going to get there anyway, but I'm glad that I can be along and join the joyride. "

Miro AEW Debut First Comments WWE Rusev
(Photo: AEW)

As for his new blond hair, Miro had mentioned that he dyed it a few weeks ago, and he liked how it came out. Keeping what he liked and shedding what he didn't, he essentially broke down that his goal for his AEW look was to be as different from the WWE character (which he has gone on record about its mismanagement) as possible, "I wanted to come in looking fresh, almost nothing like the old me."

What did you think of Miro's debut in AEW? Curious to see what kind of role he will be playing on AEW Dynamite going forward? What do you think of his new look? Which opponents are you most excited to see him take on? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!