Former WWE Star Rusev, Now Miro, Arrives on AEW Dynamite

Former WWE Superstar Rusev, now Miro, made his surprise arrival on AEW Dynamite this week when he was introduced as Kip Sabian's "The Best Man." The former United States Champion cut a promo about how he was tired of going after brass rings, and that "Elite recognizes Elite." He emphatically stated that he is All Elite, indicating that he has joined the company.

AEW then posted the announcement that he has joined the company. Miro was released by the WWE back in mid-April, and had since kept quiet about what his next step in the pro wrestling world would be.

In interviews since his release, Miro has discussed his frustrations with how WWE mishandled his Rusev Day gimmick.

"I knew it because we waited and the thing was going on [Rusev Day chant], right? I'm like 'Okay, there's no way the office doesn't notice this because it's before, after, during the show, everywhere' which I'm flattered because once again, I did nothing different. The people just decided to 'Hey man, yeah Rusev Day' for whatever reason. They started the whole thing," he said while on The Ryback Show.

He continued, "There was a period where I wasn't supposed to be at WrestleMania [34]. I don't know if you knew that, the one where I lost to Jinder. In the height of my career of the Rusev Day, I was not supposed to be at WrestleMania. I was not on TV for three weeks. For three weeks I'm not on TV and at this point, I'm sitting backstage and I'm listening to all these people all night chanting Rusev Day and I went to Steve G., one of the writers, 'Yo this is not right!' This is my time I actually yelled at a writer, which I feel really bad because he's like, 'Well we don't know what to do.'


"I'm like, 'What do you mean you don't know what to do!? Just listen! Just stay here and listen! They'll tell you what to do!' And then at the same time, they're saying, 'Oh we're looking for new talent' and everybody is saying Rusev Day and Shane goes, 'Duly noted!'"

Rusev joins the likes of Shawn Spears, Jon Moxley, Matt Cardona and Brodie Lee as stars who left WWE and have since signed with the Jacksonville-based promotion in the past year.