Here's How Big E Feels About Becoming a Singles Star Again Within The New Day

Last week's Friday Night SmackDown saw Kofi Kingston announce that he would be out of action for at least six weeks with an undisclosed injury. Between that and Xavier Woods' absence due to his Achilles tendon tear from last October, Big E is the only member of The New Day who is currently healthy enough to compete, As a result, Kingston gave E his blessing to try his hand at becoming a singles star, something the former Intercontinental and NXT Champion hasn't done since New Day became a team six years ago. In a new interview with D-Von Dudley on the Table Talk Podcast, E gave his thoughts on the new opportunity and his reluctance to break up New Day.

"There's so many opportunities, like I get from a wrestling perspective that people want to see something different or unique," E said (h/t Fightful). "But there's so many opportunities that we've had as a trio outside of just the ring. We've been able to win all these tag titles. But there's so much from, If you look at WWE as a company, there's so much that we do as far as appearances, as far as video games stuff, there's so many outside projects," said E. "As cool as the singular moment of us breaking up might be for some, tell me, like, besides The Shield, it's very rare that you have a break up where all three benefit. Do you really foresee us breaking up and a year from now, Woods is on a roll, Kofi is on a roll, and I'm on a roll the same time? It's not really going to happen. The chances are very slim because they're just not booked in that way."

"I can still do singles stuff and The New Day is still intact," he continued. "I'm prepared, of course, to do singles. I came in doing singles and never really saw myself as a tag team wrestler. But I love tag team wrestling and really grew to love it, but I'd love to do singles stuff, that'll be a lot of fun. But I still think we don't need to break up. We can do something similar to what Kofi did where we still stayed a faction, we were still together. So yeah man I'm ready for it."

E was first called up from NXT to the Raw roster back in December 2012 and established an alliance with Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. He was mostly used as a midcard wrestler prior to the New Day's formation. Together the trio have held tag team championship gold eight times.

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