Drew McIntyre Picks Which WWE Raw Star He Thinks is About to Get a Massive Push

During an interview with Newsweek this week, reigning WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was asked about the current landscape of Monday Night Raw and if there was anyone on the roster he felt was on the verge of changing their fortunes and seeing a massive push up the card. The Scottish star picked Aleister Black, a fellow former NXT Champion who hasn't managed to rise above the midcard despite being gone from the Black and Gold Brand for well over a year. Black had been off television for weeks after having his right eye driven into the steel ring steps by Murphy, but seemingly turned heel on this week's Raw when he blindsided Kevin Owens while on "The Kevin Owens Show."

"There's a few people that have stepped up and continue to step up and there's more to come," McIntyre said. "I know there's more to come from Aleister Black for sure. I'm just waiting for that big moment. He knows his character as well as I know mine. He knows what he's going for and it's really cool and I guess it's just doing it the right way to connect the right way because he's got all the tools. Once you put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in the right place is when someone gets on a roll. I think Aleister Black is finally going to put that jigsaw puzzle together and he's going to be on the run of a lifetime."

In a separate interview with ComicBook, Lee talked about his history with the newest member of the Raw roster, Keith Lee. "The Limitless One" arrived on Raw by calling out Randy Orton, and now finds himself booked to face "The Viper" at the Payback pay-per-view this Sunday.

"We do have history," McIntyre said. "When he was showing up in Evolve, after making a name for himself around the independent scene, he powerbombed me right out of the company, I returned to NXT right after that powerbomb, the last thing that happened to me in Evolve. And then, in NXT I tore my bicep, I never really had my good-bye. To the crowd, I returned the one night during the Survivor Series period. I Claymored [Dominik] Dijakovic, had my little, 'I'm back, everybody! I never got my good-bye,' [moment]. Who's there to powerbomb me back out of NXT? Keith Lee! I have a history of him powerbombing me every time he sees me. So now either away, he's showing up on Raw, so I'm going to have eyes on the back of my head in case Keith tries to sneak up behind me, try and powerbomb me again."