Drew McIntyre Responds to Tyson Fury's Latest Challenge

The latest installment in the war of words between WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury took place on Sunday when Fury took to Twitter with a new video straight-up calling out McIntyre to a fight. "The Gypsy King" stated, "I'm thinking about people I want to punch in the face. And the first one that springs to mind is a big fella called Drew McIntyre. Now Drew, you've been having quite a bit to say about me lately. I'd love to punch your face in. I'd love to give you one of them — bang! — right in the lips.

"So grow a pair, step up to the plate, like I said to your pal AJ (Anthony Joshua), and come fight the master, me," he continued. "So this is an official challenge video to Drew McIntyre, the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World. I already knocked your pal out, Braun Strowman. I'll do the same to you. Bring it," he continued. McIntyre was left off Sunday's Payback pay-per-view for storyline reasons, but did manage to fire back with a response on Monday morning.

WWE.com picked up on the interaction, so at the very least WWE is aware of it.

McIntyre talked about his hopes for a match with Fury in an interview with ComicBook last week.

"So we've been doing this back and forth and he gets it," he said. "He's in entertainment himself. That's what sells tickets. He's a boxer but he gets entertainment factor, takes it off of wrestling influences. But if we can make something happen, I want it to be in the right situation. I don't just want him to show up on Raw and suddenly I'm fighting him. Our guys deserve that, everyone who has worked for the title shot deserves that."


"But I have a dream of making a UK pay-per-view happening. We haven't had one in the UK since SummerSlam '92, of significance. I know it should be happening," he continued "I don't understand the logistics of it all, but the times have changed. We have the [WWE] Network now, and we had a big show in Australia (Super Show-Down in 2018), for example, which was like six o'clock in the morning or something crazy in America, and it showed on the Network. But if you have a show on a Sunday in the UK around 8 PM, it's three in the afternoon in America on a Sunday, it can absolutely work. The fans are so rabid and passionate, especially in London. I know everyone's going to be rabid and passionate we're getting back on the road, there's some kind of normal. But you see what UK are like the day after Mania or whenever we're on the UK tour, they're wild. So I think a UK pay-per-view, if it takes McIntyre and Fury main eventing to make it happen, to get those outside eyes on it, I'm more than happy to do it."