WWE Confirms Superstar Injury From This Week's WWE Raw

This week's Monday Night Raw saw yet another brutal attack from Shayna Baszler, this time on Eva Marie. Marie interfered in Charlotte Flair's Raw Women's Championship match in order to cost Doudrop the bout only to get attacked by "The Queen" afterward. She then claimed in a promo that she'd be Raw Women's Champion if she had been the one granted a title shot and then was interrupted by the "Queen of Spades." The former NXT Champion easily took Marie down, then stomped on her arm on the steel ring steps just like she did to Nia Jax last week. 

WWE put out a medical update last week claiming Jax had suffered an elbow injury and would be out of action while undergoing surgery. The company's Twitter account put out another statement on Tuesday claiming Marie had a similar injury but there's no mention of surgery being required (which likely means she won't be off TV as long, if at all). By every indication, both of these "injuries" are for storyline purposes. 

"Eva Marie was evaluated after Raw and is being treated for a possible dislocation of her elbow following another brutal attack by Shayna Baszler," WWE.com's update read.

"Tonight felt good, and I realized that this is the feeling I've been chasing this whole time, and I think I'm going to continue chasing it," Baszler said in a post-show interview on Raw Talk

Baszler's three-year run in NXT saw her set the record for most combined days as NXT Women's Champion (549 days) across two reigns. It looked at first as though WWE would be keeping her dominant streak rolling once she arrived on the main roster, but after losing to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 36 she quickly became lost in the shuffle. Her uneasy partnership with Nia Jax then resulted in two reigns as WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, though animosity between the two was continuously teased. 


Do you enjoy Baszler more now that she's going back to her dominant ways? Who do you think gets the elbow stomp treatment next? Let us know in the comments!