Lana Sneaks in a Reference to Miro and Her Dropped Relationship Storyline With Liv Morgan

In the midst of the chaotic Night Two of the WWE Draft, Lana managed to sneak in a reference during her promo on Raw that made wrestling fans' ears perk up. "The Ravishing Russian" and Natalya interrupted a Miz TV segment involving Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke, claiming that they should be the ones getting interviewed about the upcoming women's battle royal. As she stepped into the ring Lana said, "I can't believe you're interviewing those two blondes. I have two ex-husbands and an ex-girlfriend. If you want the tea I got it."

By two ex-husbands, Lana was referring to how she broke things off with Rusev during last year's love triangle storyline, then was dumped by Bobby Lashley when he joined The Hurt Business over the summer. The aforementioned ex-girlfriend is Liv Morgan, who claimed to have been in a relationship with Lana when she tried to marry Lashley (a storyline that was almost immediately dropped).

Miro even admitted in an interview with Chris Van Vliet that WWE had no plan when it came to the potential LGBT storyline.

"No plan — [a] one-time pop," Miro said. "A lot of things were made for one time pops. People thought it was the worst thing and it meant all these things. No, it was a one-time thing that was going to get people talking. At that time, the showrunner [Paul Heyman was serving as executive director] was about getting people talking and controversy. That's how the whole thing happened, the Bobby thing. It was about the controversy and all that. We achieved that. Unfortunately, now there was no follow-up. That's what happens when you change people all the time. There is no follow-through. You revealed CJ to leave her husband and be the worst, she's still the baddest heel on their freaking show, and she did all this for what? To throw everything away the year before. Like, nobody remembers that."