WWE Reportedly in Talks With New Japan About Exclusive Partnership

The WWE might be the top dog in North America when it comes to professional wrestling, but New [...]

The WWE might be the top dog in North America when it comes to professional wrestling, but New Japan is definitely one of the biggest when it comes to the East, with recent rumors beginning to swirl that the two professional wrestling monoliths might be joining forces in the future. As reported on by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer, it seems that World Wrestling Entertainment's President, Nick Khan, has been in talks with New Japan Pro Wrestling about becoming the Eastern wrestling company's exclusive American partner. With All Elite Wrestling continuing to challenge the WWE, this would be a major move in the wrestling world.

Currently, New Japan Pro Wrestling is working with AEW and Impact Wrestling, with Meltzer noting that apparently "things have slowed down" in these partnerships thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic that made live-action sporting events nearly impossible for the better part of a year. With the talks apparently beginning in "late March or early April", the partnership would reportedly include the WWE sending talent to work for New Japan, making for some major crossovers in the world of professional wrestling. With New Japan currently ranked as the "number three" professional wrestling organization in the world today, this would make for a serious move and have big ramifications in the world of wrestling.

On top of these rumors, fans also noted that Drew McIntyre's latest Twitter Post not only hyped the upcoming match between himself and Kofi Kingston, but left a secret message by spelling out "Okada", the five-time heavyweight champion at New Japan:

Prior to New Japan's relationship with All Elite Wrestling and Impact, the company had been partnered with Ring of Honor, showing that the Eastern organization has been setting several goals for itself when it comes to expanding its reach. While nothing is set in stone with the WWE as it stands, this potential partnership would definitely make for some big changes in the world of professional wrestling at large.

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Via Wrestling Observer