Paige and Ember Moon Call out WWE for How They've Used the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

The latest episode of WWE Backstage featured Renee Young, Beth Phoenix, Paige and Ember Moon [...]

The latest episode of WWE Backstage featured Renee Young, Beth Phoenix, Paige and Ember Moon discussing the latest news regarding one of WWE's newest championships — the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Sasha Banks and Bayley won the titles back from Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross on last week's Friday Night SmackDown, and now the two teams (along with the IIconics) will clash again at Backlash this Sunday. Both Paige and Moon took issue with how the titles have been booked since they were first introduced, with Moon saying it "wasn't the right decision" to put the titles back on Banks and Bayley given where their breakup storyline is already at.

Paige took things a step further by calling out WWE.

"I feel like the tag team championship haven't been utilize to their full potential, considering everyone that's had them," Paige said (h/t Wrestling Inc for transcript). "I feel like they're not being defended. I don't think they've been used right, they've kind of been thrown under the rug. They're not being taken very seriously and I just feel like at some point they have to be taken seriously because this is such a big moment for the women's division to have these tag team titles -- instead of just having one championship.

"Now we have a tag team division and we could utilize so many of the tag teams we have, even down in NXT or up in RAW and SmackDown. Bayley and Sasha — they're good, they're solid, we all love them, but let's try and build some other people."

During a recent interview with ComicBook, Bliss addressed what WWE could do to help bolster the women's tag team division.

"It was definitely hard for a while for the tag division to get a lot of focus," Bliss said. "Especially when the Kabuki Warriors were tag team champions, we didn't see a lot of title defenses because we saw a lot of Asuka and Kairi competing in singles matches. Which is great, which is awesome, but I think that the more title defenses, the better. And it helps the division as a whole, because I think our tag division has some of the best women on the roster, the most talented. And when we can see the division thriving as a whole, I think it benefits everyone. And I think the only way we're going to see that is with more title defenses.

"Which is why I'm super excited that we have this match with the IIconics, and they're former tag team champions," she added. "Any time Nikki and I can have a tag team match, whether it's with a team that was just put together or former champions, I think it's just helps the division as a whole."